danitaier rebirth in DXD
What happens when a fan travels to dvd with fraldes that make it almost unbeatable
Qing Feng Mo Wan Can't Take My Eyes Off You
“Commander Lu, there are rumors that we are sleeping together, we have a fling!” He looked up from under the blanket and slowly got up. “What do you want from me?” “Deny it, say it’s fake, stop it from spreading…” He pushed her against the wall, blocking her mouth by a rough kiss. “Mrs. Lu, we have to substantiate the rumor.” Before she was born again, what she had been doing was staying...
gusdefrog Mark of London
A Dreadful Amusement Gone Wrong: or a Salacious Continuation of our story, in which a Scandalous nature and an Obvious solution lead to a most Ordinary end. Herein we shall follow the affairs of the Marques Waverly onward from his introduction in "Kateri Leona". Our tale is set in Regency England, a land of innovations and inequality, in a time of rules, freedoms, and war.
Soothsayer_99 The Atlantean Compensator
Herald, a 25years old man. Always found on supernaturals and spirituals. Finds out that it's more than just a liking. He undergoes a series of events that he himself wouldn't be able to comprehend. The Atlantean, with 6 others. Formed by a mysterious association. Get trained in order for something they have no clue about. What are their powers? Why did they agree? What kind of world they...
vishsin Lord of Trinity
The world is full of different kinds of magic. The 3 kingdoms prospered with magic namely The east kingdom, the west kingdom and the south kingdom. There was an other mysterious and anonymous kingdom ruled by Knights of z and their captain. Among the humans there were a few with unknown magical powers capable of using magic other than the elemental. They were called the 'Blessed one's '. They used...
AmbitiousTyrant *hiatus*Hunger Games in Anime
An op mc, a bored god and a free for all system. What do you think happens? Stay tuned to find out. I'll be happy for feedback.. please be gentle.