NnewbsChissa Dulcet Effervescence
''dυlceт'' mean sweet and sugary while ''e??erve?cence'' mean bubbles in the liquid. A ruthless and perverted CEO, who has affair with most of women in his country. He still searching for the ''one'' who can make him fall from head to toe, and .. after that night incident, his wait comes to end. But .. Who is she? Did they meet before? How did she know my name? ''I need to find that...
dinesh_dahal Once upon a time in HEN!!
The story of the Heaven, the Earth,and the Netherworld(Hell). The Bright Heaven, Moderate Earth and The Dark Netherworld. The constant war and the ocean blood and dead. To end the bloodshed caused by war between the blinded ones, the two enlightened from light and dark stands up causing greatest sin. Loving and giving birth to a child, who have both light and dark power but, it doesn't go as their...
CrescentLunar I Just Want Peace
All Alex wish is to live a peaceful and quiet life. However, after an accident and meeting of troublesome people. Alex's life changes in an unexpected way and all Alex wants to do is hide in a library. Alex: Where did my quiet life go? QAQ
Jaozi Daybreak's Grimoire
Li Ming was a 22 years old white-collar worker of the largest game developer company in the country. He worked ardently on his job not only to earn higher salary but also he loved to play online MMORPG games that the company created. He was a sword fanatic and knows everything about swords. His hobby was to buy antique and replica swords as he added them to his collection on his home. However...
draken122 Sword god of Konaha
Kasaki Tōjin a young boy from Konoha is striving for the top. He is going to show everyone there’s nothing his blade can’t cut. First time writing and I got school, so my updates aren’t going to be frequent