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- Day 71

We started moving at night. Silently, we arrived near the human army's encampment. Putting together both my blood clones' information and Rou's, we've surmised that they have around 800 men, though the current target was just a platoon. Normally, a group such as ours wouldn't be able to contest with them in a head to head fight, which is why we aren't doing that, instead opting to ambush them during the dead of the night.

When we finally arrived in our correct positions, we found that they had erected a fire barrier to keep themselves safe. Fortunately for us, the barrier doesn't require constant management. In other words it's on automatic. A big wall of fire just waiting for someone with the {Fire Manipulation} skill to come along and roast those that think themselves safe. I equip my {Living Magma Armour} while holding both of my hands out in front of me.

Using every Mana Manipulation and Fire Manipulation skill at my disposal, I begin to alter the flow of the flames. After a large amount of effort, I'm able to slowly close barrier in on the soldiers, burning them alive. When Sei alerts us to the mages inside starting to release the barrier, everyone charges.

A large majority of the humans forces have either been burnt alive or squashed under the weight of Parabellum's onslaught. This was stopped when a small group of elites, led by a female knight, begin pushing back against the skeletons and zombies that Rou had sent in.

This is where I got to shine once again, sending in my pair of {Bone Goliaths} to charge in and wreak havoc. The group put up quite a valiant fight and even managed to take down one of the {Bone Goliaths}. Their moment of valour and cheer was cut short by an impending sense of dread when Rou let out a roar, gaining their attention as my army of clay and Rock golems charged them from every other side.

I lost many good golems in this battle that'll take days to rebuild, but the end result was worth it. The others have been exhausted and injured by the golems and other members of Parabellum. Mi has used her {Charm} skill to turn some of the human soldiers against the others and Sato manipulates the countless amount of blood on the battlefield to annihilate her foes.

By the end of the battle between Rou and the female knight, she manages to make contact once, though dealing no damage. Seeing this as a chance, the mage attempts to use a high level spell. Unfortunately for him, Sigul had something to say about that, dashing in and removing both of his hands with a swing of her guan dao. His spell was still launched though, and the silver flame dragon soared towards Rou and the female knight. Rou held the woman tight and turned his back to the attack, either willing to take the hit or perhaps he had something up his sleeve.

Either way, I figured that this was as good a time as any to repay him for trying to kill him over a misunderstanding and leapt in front of them. With {Flame Manipulation

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