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[A/N] "As this is the chapter with Day 100, it will contain a lemon (sex scene) but this scene will not reveal any story details or anything similar. With that said, if you do not wish to read that part, it is marked and can certainly be skipped without repercussions if you so choose. For those that still wish to read it, enjoy."

- Day 96

After travelling for a short while with directions from Cora, we arrived at Jolden village, named after its founder. It was difficult to get in at first but with Lisbeth and Emery present, the humans in the village relented with their prejudices.

Just looking around at the people staring at us with a mix of curiosity and contempt, it's obvious that this place wouldn't take kindly to the sight of a Siren in the lake they use to go fishing. On the way to the village, I'd managed to collect the spear used to injure the Siren girl so after entering the village, I showed it to the chief in an attempt to find the owner. He responded pridefully, telling me that it belongs to his son who's currently out hunting but would return by nightfall.

I went along with it for now and decided to spend the rest of the day in the tavern, getting to know everyone as best we could considering their apparent hatred of anything non-human. Because of their prejudice, Lisbeth and Emery were the only ones to gain anything through conversations. The rest of us had to rely on our eavesdropping which wasn't that hard. An interesting little tidbit that I managed to overhear is that a few of the villagers planned to kill me and "free" the human girls tonight. All I can say to that is, "Good luck".

About an hour later, the village chief came in and told me that his son won't actually be back until tomorrow morning. I could see it in his eyes, he's in on it too. That's fine. If he wants me to annihilate the whole village then that's fine. I alerted everyone to the human's plan with {Ally Communication} and received an idea from Sigul who didn't want to kill everyone based on a misunderstanding and another from Hazuki who offered a back up plan in case talking didn't work.

I went along with it and rented a room for the night for myself and the others. I had Sigul and Hazuki hiding in the same room as me while Lisbeth and Emery lay in bed with me.

- 97

That morning, before the sun had risen, the humans made their move. Sneaking into my room, one of them raised a knife over my chest before receiving the full force of {Reapers Spiritual Pressure}, freezing him and the other attackers in place in fear.

The human girls woke up and, when seeing what the villagers had planned, Emery was shocked at their stupidity while Lisbeth wanted to kill them. Either way, it should have been obvious that the girls wanted nothing to do with them, however even this didn't get them to back down. They began spewing insults after insults at me, which then shifted to the girls which annoyed me so...whoa whoa whoa, Sigul!

In front of my e

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