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- Day 81

Rou's pets ranked up today. His hind bear became a demon bear with a sharp blade-like horn and flames caressing its body and the black wolf became an orthros with two heads capable of spewing forth the elements of Lightning and Fire.

I spent the day trying to think of something I could do with the Draugr. After I saw Rou's ranked up pets, I remembered that all kinds of monsters can do so. My mind then followed that natural progression towards the Draugr's possible rank up forms.

I created pits in the ground which I then filled with zombies and a single Draugr, commanding the Draugr to kill them all. I did this with 5 other Draugr and by the afternoon, Fu had a feast and I gained a few new kinds of undead.

The first three were something called a {Draugr Commander} which had gained some rather nice looking armour and the abilities to let out a ravenous scream that bolsters the abilities of other undead. It's also stronger, faster, larger and obtained an ancient looking sword with intricate designs. I ate one of their souls and gained the {Ravenous Scream} skill. The other two ranked up to {Draugr Warlord}, gaining armour that seemed a little more battle worn than the commanders' but they boasted higher strength and overall ability with their greatswords.

I decided not to eat one of their souls since a different idea popped into my head. I put the four remaining, successful rank ups in a pit of their own and had them fight to the death. Fu joined me for a while to watch the show. When it was over, one of the Warlords had come out victorious and ranked up to {Revenant}. It now boasted a set of pitch black armour covering its 7 foot body from head to toe, only revealing the glowing red eyes within its helmet, a serrated long sword of the same colour and it now has a few ice related skills that can do some serious damage to any foes, unsuspecting or otherwise.

I was proud of it so I praised its skill for a few moments and the revenant seemed to understand and nod in approval. It appears that it's intelligence has also increased.

When nightfall arrived, Rou and a few others, including my allies, went to hunt some humans. He told me it was just another routine group with nothing exciting but I soon found out from a couple of loose lipped hobgoblins that they were actually headed out to take down one of the most powerful foes and his encampment.

I see what you're doing Rou. You're tricking me into staying back so that you can get all the good skills while also undermining my authority when it comes to my own allies. That would be smart if I was just some random monster from this world.

I leave the cave and activate {Ardent Minds Eye} to track them down and watch from a distance. They take down the enemies with ease since Rou had killed the leader from afar using his black spear spell he launched, causing a hole to form in the leaders chest. The others were so caught off guard that they went down with relative e

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