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- Day 51

When I opened my eyes today, the image of Sei appeared above me although she seemed a little bigger and the smile on her face was quite a sight. I then realised what had happened when she leaned over and whispered in my ear "Help me break in my new body~". It's safe to say that I complied and, using a combination of my natural stamina, {Goliaths Endurance} and {Libido}, I was able to outlast her. Although I took a page out of Rou's book and created a sound-proof cocoon with my silk, I could still detect the presence of one particular Valkyrie only centimetres away.

After spending a little time recuperating and allowing for our little perverted spy to leave, we exited and resumed our daily work, though Sei, now a Half Spell-Lord, would keep looking towards me anytime we crossed paths with a look in her eyes that wouldn't lose to Fu. Her ash grey hair, green eyes and light blue skin would continuously attract my gaze throughout the day.

After she had finished discussing business such as the new Hobgoblin healer and the red tattoo she has on the back of both of her hands and two black tattoos on her forearms that seem to intertwine with the others, she was left to her own devices. The next time she came to speak with me was a little after noon. She wanted to see just how much her magic had improved.

We set out to the same area of the forest that Fu had been testing her new skills and I swear, this forest is going to be dead if we get many more powerful allies testing themselves.

Back when she was a Hobgoblin, apparently she was capable of firing off a level 2 spell called . With this spell she could launch up to five fireballs at the same time but it would waste all of her mp. So what the hell am I witnessing now? The same spell now takes less time to complete and not only the size of the fireballs increases but the amount has risen to 20. She turns to me after she launched the Magic with a large, almost sadistic smile on her face. Where did the reserved Sei go off to? As I was thinking that, she began laughing happily at the thought of her new power. I guess this isn't too bad either.

I ended up picking her up and spinning around after getting caught up in the excitement and we ended up spending the rest of the day figuring out her Mana capacity.

When we got back to the settlement, Rou gave Sei some gear from Velvets tomb which included his robe and a staff he obtained from one of the mages. I sighed realising that I would now have to do something for her so I decided to try my hand at making a new type of golem. It's hard but I think after a few more days I should have it down.

Apparently one of the elf females succumbed to the effects of Rou's aphrodisiac as well as 3 of the males so he made some new rules for the schedule and care of their new um...friends. I didn't really listen since I have no intention of doing that with a bunch of drugged up girls. Dou got to enjoy himself though which was cool. I think he needed to let off some steam.

{Kei Obtained •••• Affection}

Oh, is this another one or the same one? I hope this isn't going to end up being something like spam. I wonder what use they have? What they are and why they're there will have to wait until it reveals itself I guess.

- Day 52

I decided to go hunting on my own for the first time in a while and ended up crossing paths with Rou and Kichi. Though, when I say crossing paths, what I mean is that I saw them from afar dealing with a few dissenters. I was slightly shocked when he just gave them the go-ahead to leave and even handed them a few rare class mithril daggers. I suppose it's fine though since those goblins were from the older generation and I could care less if one or all of them leave.

Moving on, I discovered a male human that seemed to be talking to a black wolf. Realising that this young man could have a job that had something to do with taming, I leapt at the chance. I used {Total Area Perception} to d

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