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- Day 41

I ended up leaving the caves a little later than Rou because the girls wanted to "say goodbye" so I didn't end up leaving until two hours after that black ogre. Before leaving I decided to test something by using {Inter-Dimensional Storage}. I found out that I can store my Golems within the space which, unlike Rou's bottomless treasure chest, my skill was more of a black hole that doesn't seem to have a beginning or an end. I stored 5 clay golems and 2 rock golems while leaving the stone golem on watch, protecting the cave. I made it so that Dou could order it with basic commands since I figured that he would be the least likely to abuse it.

After leaving the settlement, I came across a few different creatures from my past that used to pose a threat. Now, barely over a month since I've been born, they run away from me if I don't use {Presence Concealment}. I eventually came upon a small lake where I decided to relax for a bit. When I was about to doze off, a group of lizard men rose out of the water with the intent to kill. I used {Water Manipulation} to lift them up in bubble of water, then proceeded to use {Lightning Breath} to fry them. After eating their souls I learned {Lizard Men Language} and not much else. They were quite weak.

When I took a closer look at the lake, I could somehow feel the flow of the water beneath the surface. This is probably thanks to {Water Sense}. Swimming down to the bottom of the lake, I found a small crevice which seemed to lead into a cave down below. With a bit of effort, I was able to use a mix of {Earth Control} and {Water Manipulation} to make my way into the cave without causing a flood or collapse.

It was rather dark since the only light happened to be from the crack in the ceiling where I came in so I used {Pyrokinesis} to generate enough light to see my immediate surroundings. As I walked through the cave, I noticed an increasing number of rare minerals that I would place in my storage as I walked. Eventually I came across what seemed to be a small clearing that didn't seem natural. Searching around, I heard a noise grow closer before being assaulted by flames spewed from the mouth of a six legged, black, yellow and red lizard that would be about the same height as me if it stood upright. The flames were hot but I had enough tolerances and resistances that it didn't really hurt. I walked up to it and sliced it's head off, thinking that if I ever got a beast taming skill that I'd like to return here and find another one of these.

When I ate the soul I gained {Fire Breath} and {Dark Vision} which, coupled with the, albeit pretty lacking, dark vision I was born with, I no longer needed to keep my hand alight. Come to think of it, that lizard must have been pretty stupid to think that fire would hurt something currently using said element as a torch.

Looking around the room some more, I found a hidden area with a pile of yellow and black spotted eggs in it. Figuring this to be that six-legged salamanders' eggs, I used {Earth Control} to make sure they wouldn't be found until they hatched and created a goblin sized stone golem to protect them after they hatched.

Moving on, I found some more creatures but they were nothing worthy of note. Just a few spiders and snakes that didn't give any new skills. I did find something that looked like a gross, green, purple and white pustule plant that I named as such before taking its essence and gaining the {Burst} {Corrosion Resistance} and {Corrosion} skill which together, seems to allow me to make parts of my body explode and spread a corrosive acid that can at the very least melt through stone. I'm glad I ate it before it did that to me, I've had enough of my skin melting.

{Water Sense} kicked in again and after following it, I discovered a beautiful little alcove with a small lake and flowing waterfall. The stone ground was covered in a fluorescent, purple moss and glowing blue mushrooms grew all around. I

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