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-Day 61

I decided to go hunting this morning. Not for any particular reason and Sigul decided to come with me stating the same reasoning. At one point, I decided to see how well my {Dullahan} could fare against the monsters in the wilderness so I brought it out and gave it a simple war axe. It brought us back quite a few creatures with no damage to itself. I wonder if the ghosts I summon are real people because if so, I get the feeling that this one was a warrior in life. Of course, it could also just be adapting to its new body.

Sigul was curious about this too so I figured I would summon another ghost to see if we could find out. The first Spirit was a little different to the normal ones, constantly screaming. I immediately ate it just to shut it up and earned the {Fortune}, {Misfortune}, {Banshee} and {Banshee Screech} skills. After we could hear each other again, Sigul explained that a banshee spirit would normally only appear if a soul was separated from the body while still dying of unnatural causes. Now, thanks to the {Banshee} skill which seems to have automatically been added to {Lesser Summoning: Undead} I can bring forth an army of the loud bastards if I wanted.

We continued hunting for the rest of the day and Sigul gained a good amount of experience. When we returned Rou was in the middle of torturing some humans so I went ahead and watched while Sigul waited beside me to try to figure out why such a thing was necessary.

According to Rou and the screaming humans, they attacked a group of elves heading to a ritual, systematically murdering them all before they had a chance in an attempt to take one high elf girl captive. This, understandably, caused Sigul to lose her temper for the first time. I could just about see the aura of contempt for the humans responsible rising out of her. She asked if she could be excused and when I asked what she was going to do, she replied by saying that she wanted to let off some steam by going hunting. I told her it was okay but to stay away from both humans and elves for the time being. There's no need to start something before the time is right. She did calm down a little when I told her that we would get justice for the fallen.

After Rou was done torturing the humans, he killed and ate them, inviting me to join which I wholeheartedly accepted, dining on their souls. {Job: Secret Unit} {Job: Bounty Hunter} {Job: Hermit} {Fathom Circumstances} {Donation} {Unlock} {Remove Trap} {Sense Trap} {Sense Enemy} {Improved Assassination} {Hidden Weapon Mastery} {Slaughterer} {Headhunting} {Spirit Slash} {Ambush} {Needle Shot} {Throw} {High Pain Resistance} {Charm Resistance} {Assassination Resistance} learned.

- Day 62

The next day, as the elf girl remained asleep, I served as a partner for training and other purposes for Sigul to relieve her pent up stress and frustration.

A while later, the high elf girl woke up and Rou began talking to her. She sprouted wings in surprise at first but calmed down after I walked in with a polite and well mannered step that my high quality looking clothes helped with and gave the pair some herbal tea that I created using {Herbal Tea Creation} I got a while ago. She was surprised by my manners and apparently the tea was quite delicious. When I caused a chair to erupt from the ground and sat on it, the high elf girl was admittedly startled but calmed down again after Rou told her "He does that sometimes." I'm glad to see someone has gotten used to it.

[High elf girl] Um...will your servant continue to sit here with us?"

Bitch, what did you just say?

Rou quickly tried to calm me down which I reluctantly did and Rou explained to the girl that in terms of power, I would likely beat him. She began to look at me in a new light but sorry, you've already ruined my opinion of you.

When Rou told her what had happened, she began to cry and flailed at him, calling him cold. It's funny that she thinks that's an insult to a litera

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