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- Day 26

After tracking down some orcs and eating their souls, I took a look at the pickaxes they left behind and thought it might be a good idea to put my levelled up {Mining Proficiency} skill to use. When I asked Goblin Gramps about it he said that I could go ahead just as long as I didn't bring the cave down on top of them.

After speaking with Gobufu and Gobudo and securing their help, I had a chat with Rou before he left to determine the best place to start mining. We found an out of the way area at the back of the cave that would be perfect so he wished me good luck and set out with his three hunting companions.

After about 5 hours of non-stop mining, at least from me, I discovered a spirit stone in the wall. When I ate it's essence I found out that it was a Dark Spirit Stone because I gained the skills {Gravity Law} and {Dark Resistance}. After a few more hours of mining, I managed to find another three Dark spirit stones and kept two after eating the essence of one.

I decided to give one to Rou as a show of good faith, which he proceeded to eat without hesitation when he learned what it was and as for the other one, using the {Job: Craftsman} and an ample supply of Silk and Golden Silk, I made Gobufu a pair of gloves, though I only plan on giving her the pair when I find another stone to embed in the other glove.

- Day 27

Gobue ranked up today into a Hobgoblin so Rou made her some new equipment. Following that, Rou organised everyone and had them check their equipment. I was wondering where he was going with this until he declares that we would be attacking the Orcs mine. I'm a little apprehensive to this as I won't gain any new skills from the orcs but when I heard about the Orc leader, my tune changed immediately and I joined the frontlines.

It was an absolute massacre. Anyone that got injured was quickly healed by either myself or Rou and the Orc leader was dispatched so quickly that the others had no time to react. With their leader dead, they fell one by one.

One thing I did find out while fighting inside the mine, is that the place is filled with Spirit stones. This'll be great for those gloves, though I suppose I need to make sure I don't break them all. {Improved Digestion}, {Polearm Proficiency}, {Aero Master}, {Storm Resistance}, {Photon Ruler}, {Light Resistance}. Since I had placed a Dark spirit stone in the left glove, I added a light spirit stone in the right one. Of course, since it seems these were the only two Light spirit stones around, I kept it a secret from Rou.

- Day 28

While I was out hunting, I noticed a group of unfamiliar goblins along with three Hobgoblins and five bound human girls. Since this gained my interest and I would like to see if these girls knew about smithing or something in that area, I figured I'd follow them from up in the trees and wait for them to take a break. Unfortunately, the group didn't stop until they reached our settlement, where Rou got a little too excited and Gramps had to diffuse the situation by explaining that this was a group sent out before we were born. In other words, one of these "handsome" gentlemen is likely my father. How lovely. So lovely I feel like puking. Actually, that might be kind of funny considering they're currently right below me.

When Rou notices the group of human girls, he strolled up to the leader of their group and flat out asked if they could be left with him. I almost fell out of the tree laughing but I managed to hold myself back as things started to get serious. When the two couldn't come to an agreement and it looked like a fight was going to break out, a Hobgoblin female with ash grey hair and wearing what looks like a magicians cloak interrupted them.

[Sei] "Alright, Alright! Put down your swords you guys! Don't drag everyone into your personal argument, it's rather troublesome."

Couldn't agree more.

The Hobgoblin known as Sei propositioned the pair for a one on one fight against

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