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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Author: Passion Honey

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Updated: 2021-10-02 01:09:51

Latest chapter: 1160 Little Qi's Side 147 The Grand Finale Part 2

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《Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife》Latest chapter
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1160 Little Qi's Side 147 The Grand Finale Part 2
1159 Little Qi's Side 146 The Grand Finale Part 1
1158 Little Qi's Side 145
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1035 Little Qi's Side 22 - Is This What You Mean by Thrilling and Exciting?
1034 Little Qi's Side 21 - Kiss?
1033 Little Qi's Side 20 - A Woman Like You Can't Satisfy Me at All
1032 Little Qi's Side 19 - Are You in Love?
1031 Little Qi's Side 18 - I... What Rules?
1030 Little Qi's Side 17 - My Future Wife is Very Playful
1029 Little Qi's Side 16 - First Time
1028 Little Qi's Side 15 - You're Still Quite Jealous
1027 Little Qi's Side 14 - I Have to "Train" My Own Wife
1026 Little Qi's Side 13 - You Are My Wife
1025 Little Qi's Side 12 - Are You Under My Guardianship?
1024 Little Qi's Side 11 - Was She His Girl?
1023 Little Qi's Side 10 - How Troublesome
1022 Little Qi's Side 9 - I Said I Wanted to Sleep With Her
1021 Little Qi's Side 8 - I Want to Play With You
1020 Little Qi's Side 7 - I'll Let You Off Today
1019 Little Qi's Side 6 - To Fight, Are You In or Out?
1018 Little Qi's Side 5 - Idio
1017 Little Qi's Side 4 - My Father is Sheng Xiao
1016 Little Qi's Side 3 - The Sleeping God
1015 Little Qi's Side 2 - He Yanzhi
1014 Little Qi's Side 1 - I'm Pretty Like a Flower
1013 It Looks Like Our Wedding Night is Going to be Ruined
1012 Xu Che's Side 24 - I Remember!
1011 Xu Che's Side 23 - Ah, Men
1010 Xu Che's Side 22 - I Need You So Much
1009 Xu Che’s Side 21 - Is the Dress Pretty?
1008 Xu Che's Side 20 - She Was Still Infatuated With Him, Alright?
1007 Xu Che’s Side 19 - Do You Now Know What a Good Man Xu Che is?
1006 Xu Che's Side 18 - Hurry Up and Register
1005 Xu Che's Side 17 - You're Going to be a Father
1004 Xu Che's Side 16 - Fine, Consider it Punishment for Being Blind Back Then
1003 Xu Che's Side 15 - Not Passionate Anymore
1002 Xu Che's Side 14 - How Could He Still be so Foolish Half a Year Later?
1001 Xu Che's Side 13 - Don't be Rude, Call Her Auntie
1000 Xu Che’s Side 12 - Store Manager, You're so Cool Now
999 Xu Che's Side 11 - Were You So Bold to Others Overseas?
998 Xu Che’s Side 10 - Is it Because Daddy Won't Allow You to Have a Girlfriend?
997 Xu Che's Side 9 - Lady Boss, You're Moving in Too Quickly
996 Xu Che’s Side 8 - What's Difficult is to Live With Dignity
995 Xu Che’s Side 7 - Playing a Game and Showing Off Their Love
994 Xu Che’s Side 6 - Let the Police Come
993 Xu Che’s Side 5 - You Don’t Deserve to Say My Name
992 Xu Che’s Side 3 - I'm Just a Bodyguard
991 Xu Che's Side 3 - I'm Little Ludan's Uncle
990 Xu Che's Side 2 - Failed to Act Cool!
989 Xu Che's Side 1 - Was This Child the Devil?
988 Possible Contagion
987 A Man Who Has Been Hungry for a Long Time is Simply Unreasonable
986 I Just Suddenly Discovered Your Secre
985 I Won't be Able to Resist Chasing You!
984 It's a Dog-Eat-Dog Situation, Right?
983 Tomorrow is the Deadline
982 From the Eyes of a Male Looking at Another
981 If I Knew Earlier, I Would Have Kept a Low Profile
980 You're a Father Now
979 Why Don't You Snatch Her Over?
978 Heartache?
977 I Want to See You Hold Our Daughter
976 I've Never Gone Against My Hear
975 Who Could He Blame for Liking Her?
974 Would There Would be No Sacrifices on the Road to Revenge?
973 You've Grown a Lot Bigger
972 Do You Think You've Won?
971 I’m Watching a Good Show
970 I Have to Go and Clean Up the Mess Firs
969 Feng Shanshan, Is That You?
968 Which One is Tang Yan in Disguise?
967 Fooling Around?
966 You're the One Who Can't Leave
965 Why Don't You Trying Being Pregnant?
964 See if Your Heart Aches
963 Are You Planning to Make Me Take a Cold Shower on Such a Cold Day?
962 Worst Case Scenario, She Would Follow Him Till Death
961 You're Risking Your Life
960 There are So Many People Around Me Protecting Me. Who is He to Me?
959 When a Dog Is Cornered, It Will Jump Over the Wall
958 Shen Mei Had Actually Spat Out Everything that Needed to be Spat Ou
957 They Can Ask Whatever You Want to Know
956 Your Man isn't That Easy to Deal With
955 It Seems That You Really Think the Police are Stupid
954 She Still Has a Long Way to Go
953 You're the Murderer, Aren't You?
952 He Would Never Allow the Next Lou Zhao to Appear
951 Leave the Perfume to Me
950 There's Something Wrong with This Piece of Clothing
949 How Did I Offend President Sheng Again?
948 On the Murderer's Trail
947 Not as Obedient as Us
946 You Should at Least Care About the Physical and Mental Well-being of Your Subordinates
945 I Will Make Sure Your Father Gets the Justice He Deserves
944 I’m Here
943 Single People are Really Envious
942 The Song Family was Being Too Brazen
941 I Really Want the Baby to Come Out Earlier
940 Nice Things are Not Meant to be Said Twice
939 You're Still My Only Wife
938 My Man is a True Hero
937 Where Did Your Bodyguard Go?
936 You Still Want to Negotiate With Me?
935 Tells Me How to Get it Done Once and for All
934 You’ll be the Ugly Daughter-in-Law of the Sheng Family
933 Your Grandfather is a Very Strict Person
932 Protect You Like a Man
931 Everyone Has Their Own Beauty
930 Let Him Go
929 Let Her Live...
928 I've Been Too Soft on Him!
927 At This Point, Are You Still Dreaming?
926 She's My Lifelong Responsibility
925 The Little One was Truly Magical
924 Eighth Brother, You Don't Have to
923 Can You Call Me 'Daddy'?
922 Stingy Man
921 Are There No Men in the Sheng Family?
920 Have You Prepared the Tickets for Me?
919 I Have a Thousand Ways to Make Your Lives a Living Hell!
918 This is a Be
917 I've Always Been Like This With You
916 Is it Me or You Who Want it?
915 Isn't the One Embarrassing Himself the Scumbag?
914 Very Well, I'll Call the Police
913 It's Okay, I'll Always be Here
912 Dumbfounded?
911 Xiao Qi, Let Me Perform Tomorrow
910 Did You Meet Someone You Should Not Have?
909 Shall We Make a Bet?
908 Pregnant Lady, Stay Calm
907 After All, I'm Very Reasonable
906 Time for Lu Corporation to Get Rid of the Mole
905 Who in Jianchuan Didn't Know This Person?
904 A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots Even If He Admits His Mistakes
903 Is He Harassing You?
902 If It Were You?
901 What Did You Find?
900 Do You Like Me Kissing You That Much?
899 She Looked at Him and Felt That He Stood on the Same Stage as God
898 I've Never Felt Troubled
897 Shameless
896 Natural Enemies
895 Is There Evidence?
894 You're So Silly
893 I Care Too Much About You
892 Did I Agree to Let You Go Out?
891 Do You Trust Qianqian?
890 Xiao Qi Has Finally Begged Me for Once
889 Finally, the Bittersweet Moment is Here, My CEO Lu
888 Wait for the Day You Wear Your Wedding Dress for Me
887 You're Really a Lunatic
886 Eighth Brother, You're the Only One Who Spoils Her
885 Male Animals Were Born This Way
884 Your Woman Needs to Exercise. Please Work Hard
883 You Guys Always Run into This President Song?
882 Master Xiao, You Can't Be Like This
881 Don't worry, I Won't Bite You
880 Are You Stupid?
879 Looking for Her is the Same as Looking for Me
878 Was He That Scary?
877 I'll Make it Up to You When We Get Home Tonigh
876 Sleep is Importan
875 Build a Strong Heart for Batian
874 I'm a Beast Dressed in Clothes
873 You’re Very Brave
872 Do You... Like Me That Much?
871 Had I Known That Someone Was Secretly Taking Pictures, I Would Have Dressed Better
870 Did They Think He No Longer Had His Temper?
869 You Bad Man
868 That's Not a Good Habi
867 Shh!
866 One Word... Respect!
865 How am I Not Good?
864 Qiqi, Aren't You Seriously Ill?
863 Who Are You to Talk to Me?
862 I'm a Spy for the Police
861 If it Really is a Son, He'll be Called Sheng Batian!
860 You Care Too Much About Eighth Brother
859 Just Because I Helped Sheng Xiao?
858 Do You Want to Drive Everyone Crazy?
857 Can't Take Your Punches
856 I’m Afraid
855 You Are a Poisonous Snake
854 It's Fine Now, Don’t be Afraid
853 He Can Take I
852 For My Qi'er
851 Because I Can't Afford to Gamble
850 Who's That Woman?
849 Get Tang Yan Back Immediately!
848 How Can They Be So Bold?
847 You Used to be Shameless, Why Are You Pretending Now?
846 Pay More Attention to Your Grandchild
845 A Friend and Family Member
844 Willingly
843 Having You is Enough
842 How Bad Was Your Taste in the Pas
841 Please Ask Her to Take Care of Herself
840 Men Have Personal Boundaries!
839 I Know My Limits
838 I Don’t Believe You Can Bear to Do Tha
837 I'm Not Unable to Do Anything to You
836 This Damned Man Knows How to Act Cool
835 I'll Ignore You for the Rest of My Life
834 Let That Family Look Down on You
833 When You Give Face, You Shouldn’t be Shameless
832 Master Xiao, You’re Acting Really Strange Tonigh
831 Am I the Kind of Person Who Messes Around?
830 Arrived Just in Time
829 With His IQ, He Can't Even Protect Himself
828 That's Why You're Stupid
827 How Interesting
826 That Mu Qiqi, It's Really Difficult to Reject Her
825 You Won’
824 Did That Have a Double Meaning?
823 I Have a Husband Who Pampers Me. Do You?
822 Getting More and More Outrageous
821 Do You Really Think I'm God?
820 But My Heart Can Only Belong to Her
819 I’m Scared of You
818 Little Thing, You’re Killing Me
817 I Hate Being Brushed Off
816 Go and Coax Her Yourself, I Can’t be Bothered
815 When Did You Find Out That I Had a Problem?
814 You’re Taking Revenge on Me Again!
813 IQ Suddenly Gone Up?
812 I Want to Understand
811 Call the Police Immediately, I'll Find a Way to Get Down the Mountain
810 How Stupid
809 Don't Call Me Old Man
808 Take Responsibility for Your Own Wife
807 So This is What it Feels Like to be Pregnan
806 I’ll Show You Now!
805 The Audacity
804 Don't Trust Others So Easily
803 I Look Miserable?
802 I’m Not a Saint. I Feel Wronged Too
801 I Want to See My Man’s Brilliant and Divine Appearance
800 If You Really Feel Sorry for Him, Why Don’t You Take Care of it?
799 Flirting With Me During the Day, Aren't You Eager?
798 Looks Like You’re Reminiscing About Me Kissing You Here
797 A Decade Passing in One Day Makes One Angry
796 You Don't Have to be Angry With Me Here
795 If it’s Not Appropriate to Talk About it, Then There’s No Need to
794 Has Eighth Brother Arrived?
793 Don't Exert Yourself So Much
792 That's Right, I'm Sheng Xiao
791 What Would a Secretary Like You Know About Running a Business?
790 Xiao Qi? Am I Dreaming?
789 Such Stupidity, You're Quite Pitiful
788 If Your Brain Doesn't Work Well, Don't Force I
787 Better Than Them, But It's Not Enough?
786 Did You Go On a Date With Li Congwen?
785 Stealing Sheng Xiao's Woman
784 You’re Too Arrogant!
783 It Can't Be Solved
782 Then Why Do You Still Think About It?
781 Is He Really Reliable?
780 You Still Have a Backup Plan, Right?
779 Don’t Be Too Happy
778 He Actually Allowed You to Let Your Imagination Run Wild!
777 Xiao Xiao, I'm Deeply Impressed By Your Head
776 I’ll Definitely Find It!
775 The Fewer The People Who Know About This, The Better
774 Relying on Him... His Actions Are Too Slow
773 How Amazing it is to be Rich!
772 Think Carefully Before You Speak
771 There's No Need to Explain
770 Got Impatient From Not Hugging You For One Nigh
769 Men
768 Why Don't You Find Someone Else?
767 I Can't Control Others, I Only Care About You
766 Do You Like Me Holding a Gun or a Knife?
765 I Can Only Warm Your Bed For You
764 Are You Really Newlyweds?
763 It's Like You Have an Illness!
762 But I Don’t Need You to Give Up Anything For Me
761 Master Xiao, Are You Kidding Me
760 It's Like You're Haunting Us
759 Although You're Her Guardian Angel
758 Are You Sure You Won’t Beg Tang Yan?
757 A Little Too Arrogant, Aren't You?
756 You're More Sensible After Getting Pregnan
755 I Never Intended to Let Go
754 I’m Afraid of Being Taught a Lesson
753 I... Just Want You To Be Happy
752 Am I Pregnant With National Treasure?
751 She Knows How to Dote on Others
750 You're Such an Unscrupulous Person
749 I'm Pregnant With Tang Yan's Child
748 Even Ghosts Would Be Afraid
747 Could You Be More Restrained?
746 I Didn't Mean to Say That You're Old
745 Didn't You Think About Yourself?
744 The Mission of Forensic Medicine
743 Don't Even Dream About I
742 Then Use Some New Tricks
741 You Can't Compete With Him
740 Can I... Stay Over?
739 Take Revenge However You Like, I Won't Fight Back
738 So There Really Was a Gif
737 I Can Perform Even Better Next Time
736 If You Don't Have the Intelligence, Don't Do Anything Stupid
735 About to Begin
734 Eighth Brother Didn't Suffer For Nothing
733 Your Gif
732 How's Captain Tang's Skills?
731 I Won't Be Embarrassed!
730 I Value My Life A Lot Too
729 A Legendary Figure
728 There's Still a Long Way to Go
727 Someone Who's Barely a Human Being
726 You've Learned How to Hide Secrets in Your Hear
725 I've Been Holding It in All Day
724 Then, I’ll Bring You Supper Tonight!
723 I’ll Take Care of the Aftermath for You
722 So Swee
721 Was Thinking About Something, And Also About... You
720 You're My Strategist For Life, Don't Think About Running Away
719 Want Me to Hold Your Hand?
718 I’ll Risk My Life To Get Even
717 In Exchange For You, It's Worth It!
716 I Know What I'm Doing
715 You're the One I Always Think Abou
714 You're Good at Spoiling Me
713 After Taking Revenge, Are You Happy Now?
712 Care to Join Me for a Show Tonight?
711 A Special Family Member
710 Don't Get Any Ideas About Her
709 Who Can't Make Up Stories?
708 Suit Yourself, Ninja Turtle
707 Did She Do Something Shocking Again?
706 Does My Life Revolve Around You?
705 Qiqi is Truly a Blessing
704 Xiao Xiao, I Want to Borrow Xu Che
703 I'll Go Back and Investigate Your Pas
702 You’re Still Thinking About That at a Time Like This
701 Face It, You're Unable to Resist Captain Tang
700 At Least, Give Me an Observation Period
699 Women!
698 Do You Finally Have a Goal?
697 President, I'm Just Your Secretary
696 Regret Divorcing Third Young Master?
695 Are You Leaving Your Feelings Up to Two Pieces of Paper?
694 I Want to Make Her Happy
693 From Now On, You're The Only One
692 You Feel Wronged When I'm Cold Toward You?
691 She Had Forgotten Who Her Man Was!
690 Don't Forget What I Told You Before
689 I Told You I Like Them Young
688 Did You Ever Feel Guilty?
687 You Tricked Me!
686 Able to Read Minds
685 I Can't Give Birth
684 President, You Can Totally Be a Criminal Police
683 President Sheng Has Always Been Outstanding in This Aspec
682 Found It!
681 I’ll Accompany You
680 Is Investigating a Case More Important Or Am I More Important?
679 You Actually Guessed Correctly!
678 Can I Become as Strong as You?
677 I Want to Know How Deep it Goes
676 Who’s Afraid of Whom?
675 Did You Not Notice Her Good Figure?
674 Not Full Yet?
673 Was It Directed at You or Me?
672 This is Her Favorite
671 If I Don’t Protect My Man, Who Will?
670 I’m the Boss Lady
669 Do You Have So Little Confidence in Your Man?
668 Serves Him Righ
667 Let’s Grant Her a Place to Live!
666 My Better Half Wants to Watch a Drama
665 Once Decided, It Cannot Be Changed
664 Is She Something Special to You?
663 You Have Really Fallen in Love With Her
662 You Haven’t Told the Others About You and Captain Tang?
661 Evil People Were Meant to Torture Each Other
660 Still as Wicked as You Were Before
659 Seven Comes Before Eigh
658 I’ll Consider It A Pass
657 I Admit Defea
656 I Don’t Like Others Negotiating Terms With Me
655 Just Tell Me What You Wan
654 You Can’t Regret After Things Have Happened!
653 So? You Want to Break Up?
652 Do You Feel Pity for Her?
651 Pissed Off!
650 Are You Crazy?
649 How Else Would She Remember If I Don’t Go This Far?
648 Who Would Compensate Her for a Man?
647 Today Will Be an Exciting Day
646 Overly Caring
645 You’re Already Deeply in Love
644 Don’t Even Think About Leaving This Place Alive
643 Find Out Everything About This Man
642 Commit Suicide
641 She Tortured Me for More Than Ten Years
640 He Hopes You Will Disappear Completely From Jianchuan
639 Look at How Anxious You Are
638 Your Sister’s Intelligence is So Different From Yours
637 Perhaps You Might Have Not Seen the Real Mu Tangxue
636 You Can, But I Can’
635 I Will Avenge You
634 Go Back to Where You Came From
633 Fateful Relationship
632 Waiting for Your Loved One?
631 It’s Going to Be a Great Drama
630 She’s Good at Acting
629 I’ll Be Your Woman
628 You Aren’t, But I Am
627 I Don’t Mind Educating Your Granddaughter for You
626 She Has a Soul
625 Bully the Retarded
624 I Thought You Feared Nothing
623 Touch Me Again and You’ll See
622 Because You Worry About Me
621 Trying to Act Grea
620 I Shouldn’t Let Him Get What He Wants
619 I’m Not a Kind Person Anyway
618 What Hell Really Is!
617 The Person Who Died Is Not Mu Tangxue
616 Do You Think You Are Sheng Xiao Who Makes a Million a Day?
615 You’re So Naughty
614 You Mustn’t Know How Charming You Are
613 It’s Not Easy to Pursue a Man with a Soul
612 How Much Hidden Passion Has He Got Inside of Him?
611 I’ll Show You Know What Naughtier Looks Like
610 Sheng Xiao Was So Merciless!
609 Talking to Smart People Is So Effortless
608 You Are Indeed Not Famous for Nothing
607 I Heard That You Were Taught by Sheng Xiao
606 I’ll Let You Control Me Without Being My Girlfriend
605 Do You Want Me to Look Into It?
604 Protecting Herself Was Equivalent to Protecting Sheng Xiao
603 You Do It for Me
602 What Am I to You in Your Heart?
601 What an Extraordinary Skill!
600 She Isn’t Blind, She’s Dead
599 I Can’t Afford to Offend You
598 I Didn’t Control Myself Last Nigh
597 Surpass Your Husband
596 Am I Qualified Enough?
595 It Serves You Right if She Gets Revenge on You
594 We’re Going to Watch Sheng Kai’s Drama?
593 Second Young Master, You’re Too Much
592 Are You Abusing Your Power?
591 You’ve Underestimated Him
590 I’ve Been Heartless Since Birth
589 I Want Her to Coax Me Too
588 If I Knew Earlier, I Would Have Just Done It by Force
587 Damn It, It’s Coming
586 Not Serious
585 Go and Duplicate the Keys
584 Good Stamina
583 You Are Worse Than I Imagined
582 If I Get Tired of Playing, Will I Still Have You?
581 I’m Worried That You Won’t Take Responsibility After Playing with Him!
580 She Fell for Him at That Very Momen
579 It’s Better To Have a Sweaty Workou
578 I Don't Like the Scent of Perfume
577 I’ll Make You Regre
576 Eighth Brother, I’m Sorry
575 Male Hormones
574 Wrong, I Spend Half of My Time Missing You
573 What a Quarrelsome Couple
572 Something Peculiar
571 Sheng Xiao’s Confidence
570 We’re Still Enemies
569 You Are Already Troubling Me
568 I’m Timid or My Lover Will Worry for Me
567 Why Divorce?
566 It’s Not a Shameful Thing To Admit Your Fear
565 Such a Miraculous Little One
564 You’ve Such a Poker Face!
563 To Seduce You
562 Better to Beg Xiao Ran to Beg Me
561 Diligent Chief Sheng, Why Not Skip Work Today?
560 I Can Even Disregard My Ancestors
559 Who Could Come and Clean Them Up
558 Who Could Come and Clean Them Up
557 I Can’t Tell You This
556 Are You Still Trustworthy?
555 I Like How You Scare People
554 Bound Duty
553 I Will Tell You Everything
552 Mistress is So Cool
551 But His EQ is Terribly Low
550 Just Say I
549 Who Can Protect Him Forever?
548 Aren’t You Fooling Me as Well?
547 Acting Tough is Not a Woman’s Strength
546 Will He Be Really That Nice?
545 A Dead Fish That Barely Moves
544 We Don’t Walk the Same Path
543 This Doesn’t Work on Me
542 A Single-Minded Person
541 He is So Cold-Hearted
540 It’s All Because of Your Selfishness
539 It is Only Right and Proper That I Kiss My Wife
538 Causing Third Brother Some Trouble
537 You Don’t Like Me Much, It Seems
536 I Won’t Force You
535 Have You Really Been Sleeping Separately?
534 We Will Recognize Your Marriage, Nonetheless
533 I Want to Eat You Up Before Going to Bed
532 Don’t You Slander People Here!
531 I’ll Make It to You Until You Cry
530 You Don’t Know How Obsessed I Am With Him!
529 Call the Police Immediately if Anything Happens
528 Something is Not Righ
527 Nobody Could Escape
526 You Have Made a Big Contribution, Qiqi
525 You Look Cool, Dr. Mu
524 Are You Capable of Fighting in Front of Her?
523 I Shall Wai
522 The Gu Family is in Big Trouble
521 What Face Does He Have to Come to You!
520 The Truth Is More Complicated Than You Think
519 You Are Not the Only One
518 She Slapped My Ear
517 Aren't You Joining Me?
516 There's Always Someone Better Than You
515 Keep Them off by Then
514 Should I Congratulate You?
513 They Are Married?
512 You Are Just Like My Life
511 This Little One Is So Seductive!
510 I Am Here to Pick My Wife Up
509 Saw a Familiar Face
508 There’s a Group Date at Nigh
507 Let You Go
506 Are You Deprived of Love?
505 You Need Someone to Comfort You
504 I Don't Want to Embarrass You
503 I Think It's Worth Exchanging One Hand for You
502 Resisting Until the End?
501 She Should Pamper Her Own Man
500 Still Lying
499 Humiliating his wife is the same as slapping him!
498 Do I Need to Pick a Place When I Want You?
497 I Will Chase You Down Even if I Become a Ghos
496 I Am the Queen
495 A Sensible Person
494 Second Sister-in-Law Want to Compare With Me, Right?
493 Was It Not Intense Enough Just Now?
492 It’s Time to Break the Stalemate
491 No Man? Am I Not One?
490 To the Other Planets
489 Is This the Real You?
488 Don't Mess With Me
487 I’ve Recovered
486 Let’s Not Hide Anymore
485 She Is a Forensic Doctor
484 What an Ill-Wisher!
483 I Think We’re Done Here
482 The Two Must Have Formed an Alliance
481 Why Is Miss Gu So Narrow-Minded?
480 It’s on My Hips
479 My Girl Is So Capable!
478 I Make Mistakes Easily When I Am Moody
477 How could she bear this?
476 Are You Trying to Chase Me Away?
475 I Am Just a Fool
474 Are You Still Pretending?
473 I Don’t Want To Be Unable To Protect You Too
472 She Is Not My Adopted Child
471 You Always Wanted Me Wrapped Around You
470 Bathing and Napping Together
469 I’m Getting Married Tomorrow
468 Did Not Think of You That Way
467 Your Crown Prince Is A Bad Influence On You
466 Marrying Right Away
465 Xiao Qi’er Knows Him!
464 Did You Take Me For A Fool?
463 I Do Love You
462 Why Would I Hold You In Disdain?
461 Thinking of You
460 You Are A Good Boy, Big Brother
459 Taking Her For A Halfwit Just Because She Looks Like One?
458 Worried Over You For Nothing
457 I Don’t Care At All If Others Lived Or Died
456 I Did Not Ask Him To Do That For Me
455 Not Leaving For The Rest Of My Life
454 Tactless!
453 I’ll Marry!
452 You Were Inside Qianqian’s Room All Night?
451 I’m At Your Side No Matter Wha
450 Don’t Poke Your Nose In the Sheng Family’s Business
449 I’m With You. You Are Not Helpless.
448 I Jumped Out A Window
447 Scumbag, Taking Advantage Of Me Again
446 They Must Be Sisters In A Past Life
445 Is That Not Embarrassing?
444 Fighting Constants With Variety!
443 Is That Not A Slap To The Face Of The Sheng Family?
442 Which Hand You Want Broken? Tell Me Right Now
441 What Kind Of Trouble?
440 Because You Are Not Beside Me
439 What Else Could There Be Between Men And Women?
438 Could Not Wait To Eat Me
437 She Is A Girl And Would Feel Embarrassed
436 Would Finish Spoiling Even While Kneeling
435 You Don’t Want Me Getting An Exclusive?
434 I’ll Say It Again, I Don’t know
433 So That You Could Go Sabotaging Him?
432 Don’t Be So Full Of Yourselves
431 Is It Treatable?
430 The Score Is Settled When My Husband Steps Up
429 Why Are You Always Spying?
428 Why Did You Cling To Me?
427 The Sheng Family Is Really Despicable
426 You Would Not Even Treat A Dog Like That!
425 Losing Everything Overnigh
424 You Are Always So Despicable
423 Are You Getting Too Tired Lately?
422 Who Would Want To Watch You?
421 You’ve Hidden Long Enough, Haven’t You?
420 So, You Helped Contributing?
419 Can’t Fool Yourself
418 He Made You So Ugly!
417 He's No Match For Me Now
416 You Truly are a Towering Figure Amongst Women
415 The Thunderbolt of Retribution Would Strike Me First!
414 I Have An Agreement To Offer
413 Intend To Teach Her A Lesson
412 That Is Some Solid Evidence
411 He Hates Seeing His Little One Being Wronged The Mos
410 She Won’t Clear Her Name
409 I Did Not Post Tha
408 Do You Have Any Evidence?
407 That Is How He Would Pay For It!
406 Xu Che, That Is Not The Posture Of Kneeling
405 You Don’t Get To Choose!
404 What Are You Smiling For? You Silly Thing
403 She Is Reluctan
402 Are You Fine With Having Nothing?
401 I Don’t Want To Divorce You
400 Just To Get Back at You
399 Liquidating My Property too?
398 You Want A Clean Break From the Sheng Family, Right?
397 It Seems You Want To Lose Everything
396 Men Love Power Since Ancient Times
395 Return To Work At Huang Yao
394 I’m Here To Enjoy The Show!
393 Bring Eighth Brother Home
392 You Really Don’t Know What’s Good For You
391 I’ll Try To Give Face…?
390 She Is Too Special
389 There’s No Need to Earn Eighth Brother’s Favor
388 Sometimes You Have To Be Ruthless
387 Just A Bastard
386 We Were Really Blind!
385 But I’m Afraid Of Getting Beaten Up Again
384 Can You Even Compare To The Crown Prince?
384 Do You Even Compare To The Crown Prince?
383 I Hope the Shen Family Would Not Meddle!
382 So What If I Got A Grandson For Free?
381 Am I Easy To Bully Outside My Element?
380 Would That Not Be Interesting?
379 Prepared For Xiao Xiao
378 Even Huang Yao Is Being Reshuffled
377 No Way I’m Believing In You
376 Who Knows If The Test You Did Was Real?
375 The Answer Is My Eldest Brother
374 Show You A Whole New World
373 The Shen Family’s NEET, Live-In Son-In-Law
372 Aren’t You Afraid Of My Grandfather’s Revenge?
371 Qi’er, You’ve Changed
370 Ten Huang Yao Would Never Compare To One Mu Qiqi
369 I’ll… Think About I
368 Are You So Sure I Would Surrender?
367 Then Give Me My Grandson
366 No Need. He Won’t Show Up Anymore!
365 Self-Leaked Gossip
364 Was That Supposed To Be An Apology?
363 Then I’ll Definitely Dump You!
362 You… You Would Marry Into Our Family?
361 Blow The Matter Out Of Proportions!
360 Young Master’s Wits Are Peerless
359 Don’t Slander Others
358 Are You Keeping This From Xiao Qi Too?
357 Really Just Friends?
356 Qi’er, Time To Go Home
355 Who Do You Think You Are?
354 Still Calling Me Young Master?
353 Less Cynicism Please, Father-In-Law
352 I Don’t Need You Compromising To Anyone Or Anything
351 I Won’t Let Him Hold Back!
350 I Will Definitely Wait For You
349 Don’t Force Me, Sheng Xiao
348 I Really Want To See The Look On The Old Man’s Face
347 Does He Intend to Use Our Family?
346 Your 'Grandmother' is Telling Me to Marry Into Your Family
345 You’ve Got Good Eyes, At Leas
344 There Is A Secret Not Known To Anyone Else
343 What I Say Goes!
342 I'll Make Him Wish He Was Dead
341 Help Them Run Away
340 To Me, You Are Less Than A Dog
339 Eloped?
338 A Servant, A Dog
337 Who Would Benefit From Losing Jing Yun?
336 Do You Know Your Fourth Sister’s Secret?
335 His Hunger Was Not In The Stomach
334 I Can Only Consider Myself Unfilial
333 Then I Will Wash You a Few More Times
332 He Looks Very Familiar
331 Please Let Me Go
330 Out of Friendship
329 You Are Still Together at This Time?
328 But Jing Yun Was Suffering
327 Move In
326 You Are Already My Wife
325 But Who Started It?
324 A Mule or a Horse
323 Won’t You Let Me Marry Into Your Family?
322 Do You Think He Wouldn’t If I Admit Defeat?
321 Regard It As If I Were Never Part of the Family
320 This Is Worth A Celebration
319 I Shall Reward You Tonight!
318 Are You Still Trying to Revive Your Plan?
317 He Was Just Suppressing His Feelings
316 Let's Try Them Tonight!
315 She Is Officially No Longer a Sheng!
314 Spare You?
313 What’s The Use in Rubbing My Chest?
312 Our Relationship Is Confirmed
311 As Long as You Don’t Run Away Again…
310 Because You Can’t Resist Me
309 Giving Them One Last Chance?
308 If I Were You, I Will Hide Under the Table
307 Are You Convinced, Seventh Sister?
306 She Would Just Slap His Face Altogether!
305 She Is Good but Does Not Ask for Credi
304 You Are Really Something
303 Nobody Touches Qi’er When I’m Here
302 You Should Know the Consequences If I Look Into I
301 Don’t Take It for Granted!
300 Start Anew
299 Carrot and Stick
298 Is Mu Qiqi Going to Huang Yao for a Meeting?
297 You Can Be My Personal Bodyguard!
296 I Am Not a Human If I Keep Putting up With I
295 Looking at Me the Way a Mouse Sees a Ca
294 Is There Any Reputation Left After She Did Such a Thing?
293 How Can She Miss Such a Good Drama?
292 I… Can Wait for Your Answer
291 What Do You Pair of Cheaters Want?!
290 Only You Dare to Pull My Ears Like This
289 It’s Only An Engagement, You Can Still Call It Off
288 Are You Meddling, Young Master?
287 Go In, Both Of You…
286 Not a Word About Tonigh
285 Let Seventh Sister Be A One-Night Bride!
284 I Never Knew That You Could Be So Awful
283 Don’t Drink Too Much from Now On
282 Can’t Wait to Devour Me Whole
281 Flaring Jealousy
280 Can’t You See That He is Goading Jing Yun?
279 Had Your Fill, Little One?
278 What Lies Are You Spreading?
277 You’re Not Looking When I’m Naked
276 He Is a Smart One
275 Is Sheng Xiao Your First Love?
274 You Are Getting More Daring
273 It’s Not for You
272 Can You?
271 If I Were You, I Wouldn’t Have Done Something So Shameless
270 Wow, She Is So Cool!
269 I Want to Disgust Her
268 Do You Think I Will Succeed?
267 Is There Someone That You Like?
266 I Am Already at My Limit With Just You Alone, Okay?
265 Pick a Good Time to Send Him to Your Bed
264 I Am Not Afraid of Him Because I Have You
263 Escape
262 She Has Used This Excuse Too Many Times
261 Women Shouldn't Drink Too Much Alcohol. It's Harmful
260 You'll Ruin the Dress
259 I Prohibit You from Humiliating Me
258 Does He Approve of That Little Granddaughter-In-Law?
257 He's Also a Man Who You Cannot Annoy
256 Qi'er, I Feel That I'm Bewitched by You
255 You Don't Have to Be So Overbearing
254 Sheng Xiao, Is That How You Treat a Toy?
253 I'll Bring Her Back to the Sheng Family
252 It Has Been a Long Time Since Last Time
251 Her Eyes Shone
250 I Will Not Make Things Difficult for Her
249 I Want to Be Your Bride!
248 She Is My Life, Don’t Simply Touch Her
247 Aunt and Uncle are here…
246 Listen to Your Hubby, Okay?
245 I Actually Lost to that Bastard Child!
244 Isn’t That the Crown Prince of Huang Yao?
243 Sheng Xiao Wins Surprisingly
242 I Want You Only
241 Go Where Sheng Xiao Is
240 It's Ridiculous
239 I Want to Marry Her
238 What Do You Want to Ask?
237 I Need to Spoil Her No Matter What Happens
236 No One Can Save You
235 Qiqi Needs Our Help
234 You Are Not Allowed to Enter
233 I Will Not Leave You
232 A Dangerous Love Game
231 I Will Go Crazy
230 Apologize Face-to-face
229 Don’t You Touch Grandpa
228 You Are the One Who Should Get Lost…
227 How Dare You Slap Me, Mu Qiqi!
226 Don’t You Always Spank Me
225 Or, Do You Want to Get Wet?
224 I Couldn't Let Mu Qiqi Take It Away From Me Again
223 Xiao Qi, Just Admit That You Like Him
222 That's a Deal, Bastard
221 Don't You Like Sheng Xiao?
220 Little One, It's Time for Us to Enjoy Ourselves
219 How Dare You Fall in Love With Your Uncle
218 How Annoying
217 Enemies Are Bound to Meet Each Other Someday
216 Are Both the Mother and Daughter Mad?
215 I'm Afraid…
214 Isn't Sheng Xiao Your Boyfriend?
213 You Know How to Coax Him
212 They Cannot Indulge Mu Qiqi
211 You Better Know What You're Doing
210 You Are Not the One Who Is Humiliated
209 Those Are the Nice Things Said in Your Favor
208 Why? Are You Afraid to Meet My Mother?
207 Are You Afraid That Madam Might Dislike Miss Qiqi?
206 Mu Qiqi Was Sheng Xiao’s Masterpiece
205 On the Way
204 Don’t Blame Me If I Act Mercilessly
203 I Will Bring You Home Later
202 Remembering Names Is Troublesome
201 Did You Get Into Trouble?
200 Then I Shall Embarrass Them Back
199 This Will Cause An Allergic Reaction
198 He Is Just a Useless Man
197 Stop Comparing
196 She Is A Bastard Child That Would Seize Your Things!
195 I Worked so Hard to Pursue You
194 Grandpa, I Am Still Young…
193 What a Pity? You Are Being Evil.
192 Is Qiqi Falling in Love?
191 Wicked
190 You Wicked Thing!
189 How Shameful!
188 I'll Lock You up and Give You a Shower Ten Times a Day
187 No One Wants to See Your Performance
186 How Dare You Claim That You Know Nothing of I
185 For Her, Sheng Xiao Is Everything
184 Don't You Want Me to Show up
183 The Shen Family Is Bullying Me
182 I'm Not Being Disobedien
181 How Dare You Make the Whole Family Wait for You!
180 I'm Angry but I'll Teach You a Lesson
179 Do You Really Want to Be My Uncle?
178 Why Do I Have to Forgive You?
177 Now You Know That You Need to Plead With Me
176 It's Filled With Loopholes
175 I Told You That We're Easy to Be Differentiated
174 Show Me the Evidence That You're Mu Qiqi
173 Don't Dream About to Sleep Tonight If You’re Not Aware
172 She Hid Herself Well
171 How Great is Your Admiration?
170 Real and Fake Mu Qiqi
169 Are You Wishing for a Fate Worse Than Death?
168 Is There Really No Room for Salvation?
167 The Duan Family Will Come and Beg You
166 Can’t I Even Take Control in My Territory?
165 Isn’t It Too Early to Say That She Is in Charge?
164 The Empress Has Come Here to Fight, Cool
163 I Dare!
162 Good That She Dares to Come
161 After We Take Care of the Scum and the Slut, We Shall Start Anew!
160 You Have Your Bath and I Will Have You
159 You Are the Best Man on Earth!
158 Taking Revenge for Your Daughter?
157 Another Discovery?
156 It Is so Embarrassing to Let Aunt Know
155 You Always Beg for Mercy at Midnigh
154 Deprived of Love?
153 Whoever Blocked His Woman’s Way Would Have to Pay the Price
152 I Am Not a Fragile Clay Figurine
151 How Are You Going to Compensate Me?
150 But He Does Not Want to See You
149 Why Don’t You Change Your Surname to Rong?
148 Qi’er, You Should Know That You Have Me
147 You Own the World When You Own Me
146 How to Live Like a Dead Person
145 You Are Not Stupid, You Are Cleverer Than Anybody Else
144 You Lie!
143 Must I Be the One Who Slapped Her After You Said So?
142 We Will Humiliate Her Tonigh
141 Don’t Lose Your Cool, the Night Is yet to Come
140 After All, You Have a Rich Boyfriend
139 Don't Have Too Much Faith In Me, Uncle Shen
138 I Want You to Conquer Them
137 I Am the Daughter of the Shen Family
136 Mu Qiqi Is That Good at Keeping Secrets
135 Let Qiqi Come Home This Coming Weekend
134 The Real Young Lady Shen, Please Grant Me My Wish!
133 Nobody Can Bully Her!
132 I Still Have to Pretend Not to Know You
131 It's Already a Mess
130 You Are Such an Interesting Girl
129 I Will Torture Her With All My Migh
128 Love Her With All His Hear
127 I Just Hope She Will Die Without Peace!
126 I Have Falsely Accused You
125 Qiqi Is So Much Better Than You
124 I'm Really Not Your Daughter
123 No, I want to Sleep With You!
122 Young Lady Shen!
121 There Will Be a Great Drama Soon
120 Taking Revenge on That Little Girl!
119 Are You Going to Recognize and Accept Qiqi?
118 It's Related to Your Young Master!
117 Xiaoxiao, Please Let Me Go!
116 Is It Something I'm Not Allowed to Know Again?
115 At Last, I Took Revenge for My Mother
114 Ask Anything You Wan
113 Finally, the Bastard Is Defeated!
112 I'm Innocent!
111 Just the Two of You?
110 What Are the Results?
109 How Could You Love Someone When You Haven't Fallen in Love Yourself?
108 You Want to Get Revenge for Your Sister?
107 You Learn Well!
106 My Little One, So You Know How to Take Revenge Already?
105 That Is Right, I Am Threatening You
104 They Will Have to Ask If I Agree or No
103 You Really Misunderstood Me!
102 I Am Always Here for You!
101 I Really Am Innocent!
100 She Is Not Getting Anything
99 Congratulations, You Have Become My Woman
98 Since When Have You Become so Reckless?
97 You Must Be Having Dirty Thoughts About Me!
96 It Is You Who Changed Me
95 He Is Serious!
94 Young Master Sheng Cares Too Much for Qiqi
93 I Have Everything If I Have You
92 Are You Satisfied Now to See Me Like This?
91 Doesn't Mu Tangxue Like to Fight?
90 I Just Want What Belongs to Me!
89 Her Life As a Princess Has Come to an End Now!
88 How Dare You Push Me!
87 Don't You Want a Luxurious Life Anymore?
86 Mu Tangxue Has No Clue About It!
85 How Could You Ruin the Mu Family for That?
84 That's Impossible even in Your Next Life!
83 How Dare You!
82 Mysterious Gues
81 Let Me Deal With Mu Tangxue First!
80 Then I Should Go and Congratulate Her!
79 I Am Your Direction
78 That Should Belong to Me!
77 You're Mine!
76 You Have to Take Responsibility Even If You Were Forced To!
75 Our Key
74 Mu Tangxue Deserved That!
73 You're the One Who Taught Me That!
72 Xiaoxiao, I Can Do It!
71 I Have All Kinds of Ways to Deal With Bastards!
70 It’s Really Exciting
69 The Crown Prince Is Your...What?
68 Are You Looking Forward to It?
67 You Are Not Innocent Anymore, Mu Qiqi
66 Where Do You Think I Should Sleep?
65 Half a Year Later, Our Home
64 You Are So Naughty!
63 She Is Mine
62 Get Out of My Sight!
61 He Must Get It!
60 Should We Stay At A Hotel Tonight?
59 Brother Xiao, I Want To See You
58 Why Hold Back Against Outsiders?
57 You Won’t Be Innocent Soon
56 Nobody Will Come Out Clean!
55 Even If Mu Qiqi Didn’t Want It…
54 The Little One Really Doesn’t Know When to Stop!
53 Will We Be Found Out?
52 Daughters Can Simply Be Sacrificed
51 Simply Unbelievable
50 I Never Thought About Escaping Alone
49 You Know My Tastes
48 Splitting Heads and Spilling Blood is Fine Too
47 What If I Have Evidence?
46 Why Are You Afraid If She Isn’t?
45 Xiaoxiao, Am I Really So Shabby?
44 Where Did The Mu Family Get Their Confidence?
43 Frequently Taking Her Away In The Nigh
42 Is Homework More Important Than Meeting Me?
41 Finally, The Tables Have Turned
40 White Lotus Mu
39 Was That a Personal Lesson?
38 You Must Become More Ruthless Than She Is!
37 You’ve Been Busy
36 She Likes Him Very Much
35 I Could Afford You Too
34 Why Not Get A Girlfriend?
33 Xiaoxiao Is Holding Her Hand!
32 Bringing You To Do Something Naughty
31 Won’t I Be Accused For Nothing?
30 I Thought You Weren’t Coming
29 Coming-Of-Age Gif
28 Did You Think She Could Still Bully Me?
27 He Is Actually Stealing From Under Mu Tangxue’s Nose
26 Of Course I’m Here To Visit You, Little One
25 Mu Qiqi Is So Self-Driven!
24 Wait and See My Show
23 I’m Asking What Your Heart Wants To Call Me
22 Qiqi Is Actually So Rotten?
21 She’s So Cunning It Must Have Been Horrible For You!
20 Aren’t I A Little Flat?
19 Feels Like Heaven
18 I No Longer Belong To The Mu Family
17 I’m Most Happy to See You Go Bad
16 I'm Not Afraid Of Mu Tangxue!
15 Important Person
14 Who Would Dare To Interfere?
13 All She Has Is You
12 Wasn’t Your Sister…
11 What Do You Think of Me?
10 I Saw Mu Tangxue Today
9 You Don’t Have To Please Me
8 No Mercy Next Time
7 Is That Mu Qiqi Her Sister?
6 I’m Upset If She Is Bullied
5 What If I Have Improper Thoughts About Her?
4 Afraid That I Would Eat Her?
3 Offering Shelter or Adopting?
2 Help Me Take My Pants Off
1 Born As Twins with Different Fates