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dtgtnp > Lookism: A tragic story > 4 New School, New Me
Its been two days since the hotel incident. I have gotten "famous" around the hotel for dressing like a beggar and staying at the presidential suit. Anyways, today is the day school starts. I feel strange. I feel exited, nervous, and anxious. Yes I am scared, the great Michael Kim is actually scared. I mean It's been almost 4 years since I went to school hopefully I still remember the lessons.

Here I am, in front of the school but I feel scared. Haha I chuckle at that thought 'Scared me'

If those 6 find out what I'm thinking they definitely make fun of me. I get my courage up and start walking to class. I feel stares on me and I really feel uncomfortable. I stand beside the door. I see another person coming looking very uncomfortable. I smile at myself it seems like I'm not the only one.

"Hello" I say

He looks confused and responds in a meekly voice "Hi"

"I'm Michael Kim nice to meet you" I respond while smiling

"Oh, I'm Daniel Park nice to meet you too"

"Lets be friends" I said while I was staring straight at his eyes


while Daniel was about to respond the teacher said to the class that their are new transfer students and called us in.

Me and Daniel walked into the classroom while everybody was asking their desk mates if the transfer students are girls or boys .

3rd P.O.V

When Michael and Daniel stepped inside the classroom. The rowdy class immediately quieted down.

When the people saw them, some were happy and some were envious but they all thought the same thing 'why did they transfer at this time'.

First P.O.V

In a emotionless voice I said "Hello! I'm Michael Kim nice to meet you all, please take good care of me"

I looked at Daniel and he looked nervous and I could see sweat forming on his forehead

I nudged Daniel on his shoulders so he could start to introduce himself

after we were done introducing each other we went to sit in our seats

I kinda feel bad for Daniel as he is sitting next to the guy that was fighting on the street the other day whereas I'm sitting in the back of the classroom

'man I kinda wish to see jace and vasco'

When the class ended I immediately left for the architecture dep. as I don't want to be swarmed by girls

'sorry daniel but your by yourself for today'

when I was in front of the architecture dep. door I heard a booming noise and I was shocked so I immediately opened the door and what I saw completely shocked me

I saw desks on the ground, chairs thrown away to the side and 2 people fighting I was STUPEFIED

"Excuse me?" I yelled

They looked at me and I felt like they were checking me out

"what do you want" answered one of the boys that was fighting

"Um, is vasco and jace here?"

"No, but why did you ask pretty boy?"

"We're friends but can you tell me when they'll be back"

"tomorrow, but give me your name so I could tell them you stopped by"

"Michael, Michael Kim and goodbye"


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