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Four years have passed since that day,the day Michael lost his innocence.The day he lost his parents to the plane crash. It's has exactly been 4 years since Michael has smiled and laughed.

In his room Micheal is currently writing a letter and on his bed are scattered clothes and a suitcase. when he is finished writing the letter, he seals it and puts it on his desk. He turns around and looks at the table where the family picture was 4 years ago, its empty, he laughs at himself for being so foolish and walk to his bed to get his suitcase.When he is about to leave his room he turns around one last time to reminisce his childhood he spent here since the day he could remember till now. He remembers how his parents used to read him stories when it was time to sleep. His eyes were starting to tear up while he looked around the room and then he left.

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2 hours after Michael left

*knock knock*

"Young master may I come in?"

"Young master?"

"Young master I'm coming in"

When Butler Jim went inside Michael's room all he could see was scattered clothes and a letter on his desk. He felt confused about this and felt an ominous promotion coming. He hurriedly walked to the letter and started reading it content.

Dear Butler Jim,

Thank you for taking care of me since the day I could remember, but I wish to be free for the last 3 or 4 years if its possible. I wish to live a normal life, have friends, go to school and be by myself. Don't worry about me as you know of my capabilities and who I used to be in the 7 hand organization. If I am In true trouble and need your help I shall contact you by phone and don't worry I saved up 600 billion won through out the years and Butler Jim or should I call you Uncle Jim? Well, anyways I'm sorry for causing any unnecessary trouble Uncle Jim and thanks for taking care of me for all these years.

Sincerely, The little boy you watched grow up

When Butler Jim finished reading his letter his eyes started to tear up and he hoarsely said "Your wish is my command Young master"

In a park somewhere in Seoul, South Korea a boy that looked around 17 years old with dirty-blonde hair, beautiful black eyes and cherry lips was sitting on a bench next to a suitcase. He would have looked like a international super model if he didn't have food smudged on his lips and dust on his clothes. He stared at a man that looked like a gangster as he had tattoos on both his arms , he was drinking chocolate milk while exercising.

"Amazing" Michael said

"Who?" a man replied he had big ears, a tattoo on his arm and short black hair

"Him, the guy that's exercising"

"Why is he amazing?"

"To work out at this time isn't it amazing? Most people would still be asleep around this time"

"He always works out during this hour you know ,oh by the way, I haven't introduced myself have I?"

"Ah yes, you haven't but I didn't either" Michael said cheekly

"Well whatever, My name is Jace, nice to meet you..."

"Michael, Michael Kim and nice to meet you too Jace"

The man stopped exercising and started walking towards Jace and Michael

"Hey Vasco I met someone new his name is Michael Kim"

"Sup, Nice to meet you Vasco!" Michael said smiling

If Butler Jim was here he would be on his knees, crying because it been almost 4 years since he smiled

"So what's with the suitcase" Jace asked

"I ran away from my responsibilities and ran away to have freedom, so do you guys have anywhere to recommend?"

"Actually we do"

"Can you lead me the way?"

"Let's go" Vasco responded

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