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Whoosh the wind howls, a storm, a horrible storm is on its way. Children hiding between their mothers legs as the storm rages on. No one to be seen throughout the streets except for one particular child. He stands on top of a skyscraper, staring at the cloudy night sky. He looks about 12-13 years of age his dirty-blond hair blowing alongside the wind itself, his beautiful black eyes that look like the starry night sky, but if you look closely you could see such wisdom that even gods could feel ashamed, his lips that look like cheery blossoms blooming in the spring, his snow-white skin contrasting to his eyes, creating a such a beautiful image even gods may envy. Yet you feel pity for him as he is crying his heart out. His tear stricken face can bring out your motherly instincts that you never knew you had.

"Why, why did they leave me all alone?" He cries as he asked his butler

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Standing behind him was an old man ,that looks about 50 years old, he answers "Young master..." his voice cracking as he is still in grief like the little boy that's crying his heart out. As the old man looked up, his eyes held so much grief and sadness.

The little boy cries for hours until he faints but even if he's unconscious you could still hear the sniffling noises he makes.

The little boy woke up, his face devoid of any emotion, he stares around his room before seeing a family picture. He gets up from his king sized bed and starts walking toward it. He sneers as he sees his so called "loving parents", he stares at the picture especially the smiling little boy. As he stands their looking at the picture, memories as a child start to resurface, he remembers his mother and father telling him they will never leave him. He sneers at that thought,a lie he thought, 'If they truly loved me they wouldn't have left me all alone in this wretched world' with that thought he put the picture down making sure to never see it again.

2 minutes later there is knocking on the door

"come in" said the little boy in a emotionless voice

The door opened and the old man entered

"Young master" said the old man with a hint of worry in his voice

the little boy looked at him and his gaze softened for a bit after seeing the worry in his eyes but after a second or two his eyes became cold and emotionless again

"Butler Jim remove every picture in this household that contains my parents in it"

"But young master..."

"Did you not hear me? I am the new master of the house so you shall obey what I tell you"

"Michael Kim, you are going to far, those pictures contain your parents do you truly wish to throw them away"

"No, don't throw them away,even better burn them and also BUTLER Jim, I am the new master of the house so you shall not address me by my full name anymore, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" said Michael in a chilling voice

With a hint of worry in his eyes he responded "Yes, young master as your wish commands it"

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