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dtgtnp > System Of Twin Daggers > 4 Shopping and beginning of the apocalypse
Xeya "cash"

Werewolf "ok sir, okay if you pay in 2 days?"

Xeya "yes sure"

shortly after they both left the mini-villa, got into the car and left.

Half an hour later they returned before the agency, the werewolf had Xeya sign a couple of cards and then Xeya could go out, when he came back he returned to his apartment, took his laptop (old enough) went to a site for cross bikes , he spent about an hour to find something that interested him was very similar to a KTM 125 SX, the site said it was one of the last releases, and said it was a good bike for the dirt road, then Xeya spent $ 7500 to order it , in the end he needed a vehicle after all, no?

Two days later he went to the real estate company with his Eastpak rucksack, when the werewolf arrived he welcomed him again, Xeya gave the money and in exchange received the deed of the house, Xeya could move immediately if he wanted, but decided to wait a another couple of days because he still had to get the bike.

The next day I call his employer and asked Xeya what happened to him and that if he did not show up today he would have fired him, needless to say that Xeya did not show up, that same day he got the bike already assembled, was all black opaque, had a certain style, but when Xeya put on the mask TedGem wondered why there were no growers, and finally asked the system that always ready to answer said 'the growers have not yet developed so much, but there is a huge influx of spiritual stones at the moment, after the apocalypse there will be a noticeable increase in cultivators, but it will still be a minority '

when he understood this Xeya asked "can I use them to cultivate?"

and the system answered 'yes but after a certain level / stage will be useless'

After this, Xeya put on the backpack and left for the supermarket, made a huge expense, took a sack of drinks, water, canned food, and even a lot of non-canned food that would then put in the inventory to not rot, when he arrived in all the people looked at him in a strange way, finished buying food, went to some clothes shops, needless to say that he took almost all dressed in black trousers, shorts, sweaters, T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, shirts and even took some jackets and shoes, people still looked at him badly.

put everything in the inventory and backpack, then left to return to his new home, entered the gate and parked the bike in the garage, then entered the house changed and put himself in his pajamas, put all the stuff to dress in the closet , and filled the fridge with all the food possible (he could not put it all), for the rest of the day he stayed there to sleep.

Xeya was taking it from him, so much so that he was even more than two and a half months before the apocalypse broke out. the day after Xeya woke up, and had breakfast, all calmly, but soon after he got dressed, all dressed in black, put on the mask, put the backpack and left with the bike, went to a pharmacy and took all kinds of medicines that he could, Xeya could find everything quite easily, eventually he lived near a big enough city, but surely it was not a capital or something, after spending more than a month and a half taking it easy and filling up with resources like spiritual stones, medical kits, food, spare parts for motorcycles etc.

Xeya went to an instructor to learn how to use the daggers, the first week he learned the basics, and in the same week he went into an armory and bought a magical professional bow, it also cost a lot with the appropriate arrows, also took courses on how use the bow, Xeya thought that for long distances would be useful, he also bought helmets for motorcycles, masks, other daggers etc.

was missing a week in the Apocalypse, Xeya was at home and said "inventory"


•TedGem Mask

•resources (food / water / medicines)

• ×2 Z-hunter push dagger black

•Arm protectors with leather plates (common)

•165,000 $ (common)

•black tactical gloves (common)

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