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When Xeya woke up he found himself in a small apartment, he had already automatically received all the features of this world and also of his false identity, despite this Xeya ran to the bathroom, he really wanted to see if he had changed.

When he went and looked in the mirror looked better, he had long, pointed ears, but not too long as to hinder things like putting on a helmet of a motorcycle, the rest as mentioned before, its appearance was the same as Haku in Naruto, except for bits of blue hair, and blue eyes, regarding her identity, it was a simple clerk in a hotel called 'Kalisata' have mostly taken by its appearance, even though it was not much better than the other elves over this factor, no one knew I was half dragon, since they are a very rare species in this world the system chose to keep it secret and to pass off x and y half human, so the difference was not much from the other elves.

After reflecting on all this information Xeya went to the couch and sat down, then said

"System, open inventory"


•TedGem Mask

•Movement technique ~ Angel of Ice ~ ( god )

•wooden case (common)

Xeya when he saw that the mask that God had given him was a TedGem mask he rejoiced inside, but he was also curious about the wooden box, so Xeya pressed on the item of the trunk, then opened another screen, it was divided in 6 sections that moved at high speed, they also alternated with colors from white that was the most common orange that was the rarest, when they ended up alternating 4 were transparent, 1 blue and 1 violet.

when he saw this Xeya was very excited, what was the purple item? Xeya did not crush him first, he first crushed the first 4 white tiles, the first object was the twin daggers like 'Z-hunter push dagger black', the second item were arm protectors with leather plates, but it seemed more a shirt with long sleeves all black, the third object was simply $ 700,000, would be used a lot to Xeya for later, the third object were black tactical gloves, while the 4 object was a simple black Woolrich jacket, then crushed the card blue and came out a black Eastpak backpack with blue stitching, after that was still the long-awaited purple card, crushed it and went out cultivation technique, it was called 'Frozen World', after Xeya crushed all the tiles the closed screen and only the updated inventory remained with all the new items


•TedGem Mask

•Movement technique ~ Angel of Ice ~ ( god ) (Orange)

• ×2 Z-hunter push dagger black

•Arm protectors with leather plates (common)

•700,000 $ (common)

•black tactical gloves (common)

•black Woolrich jacket (common)

•Black and Blue Eastpak backpack (rare)

•Cultivation technique ~ Frozen World ~ (legendary)

Xeya after seeing his inventory in the inventory immediately asked what benefits the backpack had, and what did the technique of cultivation, and the system replied

'the backpack is fireproof, waterproof and no one can open it except the owner, it also has 15 slots where you can put anything from a rough 2 × 2 meters. The cultivation technique allows you to get the 'glacial body', the ice will be like an extension of your body, and together with the movement technique you will probably become a lethal and fast monster '

then Xeya asked "what do I need a backpack for if I have the inventory?"

the system replied, 'Xeya maybe you take it for granted that the system only gives you useful things, the coffers give random objects, they could also give you underwear'

then Xeya was quite pleased to have received the backpack, it is certainly better than a pair of pants, then asked again to the system

"How can I use both the cultivation technique is that of cultivation?"

the system replied

'enough that you select them as you did with the trunk of first'

only then did Xeya crush on both the items of the techniques, soon after so much information came to the brain that, almost fainted from th

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