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Xeya woke up late in the afternoon, he was still sleepy then she made some coffee, after drinking it Xeya got dressed, put on the TedGem mask, the tactical gloves, the reinforced armguards, took the bow with the arrows and put them in the backpack, he also brought two sets of double daggers.

After Xeya took the backpack he put it on, after he left the house he made sure that the armored door was closed, after he opened the garage and took the motocross bike, exited the garage with the bike and then closed it, then opened the gate home and then go out.

After driving for half an hour arrived in the city, was no longer active, lush and happy as before, now in the air was breathing only frenzy, anxiety and fear, meanwhile Xeya darted through the streets blocked by cars, you could see all the types of races other than humans who ultimately behaved like them, were all in a panic, they also saw strange zombified races that were going to bite other people, Xeya at that moment was feeling anxiety, frenzy and expectation, in the end he had chosen him this world came for this, Xeya as soon as he saw an alley he went in and parked the bike there and put the keys in the inventory.

After which Xeya came out of the alley, as soon as he came out he was immediately on a zombie cyclops, it was very fast, then Xeya pulled out the double daggers and loaded it like a bull but with the speed of an eagle, when the zombie was grabbing him, Xeya jumped in the air turning on himself landing his daggers on the zombie like the claws of an eagle cutting off much of his neck and smashing his head from the impact of his dagger,

immediately after killing the zombie in front of Xeya a notification from the system appeared

[congratulations you have leveled up!]

status points +2

DC (dagger coins) +5

Xeya was curious to know what the DCs were, but now Xeya knew it was not the right time to inquire about the system. Xeya was not at home at the time, he was in town and knew he had to be cautious and alert to his surroundings.

Xeya ran through the city looking for a hardware store, for hell it was hell, luckily there were a lot of people screaming so they attracted the majority of the zombies, only a few went to Xeya dying miserably, but Xeya was tired, had to rest , then he entered a little alley and sat down and asked his eyes, at one point Xeya suddenly opened his eyes and shifted sideways rolling on the ground, the place where first sat a metal bar crashed making a noisy rumor As soon as Xeya got up and saw Ogre zombie with a metal bat in his hand, Xeya immediately pulled out the daggers and stood there looking at the ogre zombies, so did he, a second later the ogre zombie ran towards Xeya who in the meantime waited there still, when the ogre zombie was about to hit him, Xeya shifted to the right and bent down and rocketed again like a rocket passing between the legs of the zombie ogre cutting the joints of his knees, immediately after the ogre zombie fell to his knees, then Xeya stabbed his back and also his neck, Xeya later fell to the ground on his knees could not stand up, believed that the ogre was dead, however shortly after the ogre zombie turned suddenly and with him the iron bar also moved at high speed hitting Xeya on the bust, with that blow Xeya was thrown into the wall, turning his head, when he recovered he had the right side of the bust that was a hellish pain, but it was not the worst the ogre was at his feet and was about to bite

"ah it was nice as long as it lasted, ah I wanted at least last a little bit more hahahahahhahahahah"

Xeya whispered to himself and laughing bitterly, Xeya would never have had time to turn off and stab the head of the ogre zombie, especially with the injury to his bust, had now resigned.

* spam

after this strong sound, Xeya's eyes became huge because of the surprise, a brick hit the head of the ogre zombie distracting his attention from Xeya's leg, then Xeya despite the pain l

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