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dtgtnp > Rise of the God of writing > 1 The Beginning
An alarm clock rang, waking Josh Starke from his daily slumber. Slowly he crawled out of his bed and got dressed for school.

He looked at himself in the mirror and examined himself, a pair of brown eyes and some short black hair were the only defining features on his face and even those were ordinary. He was semi muscular, from swimming before but not enough to impress anyone. His legs were a bit big and hairy but overall he was a simple high schooler who had slightly above average looks and a small build.

Before he went to school he always went on his laptop and looked for some of his favorite web novels to see if they were updated. This was a daily activity for Josh as he loved reading novels. On his newest version of the Sacbook Air made by the wondrous Orange, he looked around the web.

"Oh, a _regular_student just posted another chapter!" he exclaimed in a bit of joy.

Suddenly the screen turned black. Panicking he franticly pressed the on button hoping nothing happened to the computer. The computer restarted after Josh franticly hit the laptop a few times.

When he logged back into the website he saw that their was a link in the corner of the screen. It was a darkish blue color making it stand out from the rest of the dull black words. The link was https://clickthisanditwillchangeyourlife.com, He though about clicking it for a split second but then he though to himself,

"wait isn't this a really stupid thing to do? It might be from a hacker or something"

So Josh was about to grab the phone to call his friend who happened to be a interested in computers, but the mouse on the screen franticly moved and clicked that mysterious link without Josh controlling it. The screen changed and right before the screen was about to display something when Josh slammed the screen down.

Josh sat their thinking about the fact that their was definitely a hacker on the other side of the screen wearing a creepy mask and looking at the computer in a weird pose. Little did he know that the screen was displaying a series of commands and words that would have intrigued and surprised Josh. But never mind, it was time to go to the kitchen and eat some breakfast.

Right on time, his little brother burst into the room panting slight lightly. This boys name was Samuel Starke and he just turned 10. He was almost the younger version of Josh but Samuel had big dimples and was missing a few teeth. He almost yelled in a childish voice,

"josh its time to wake up"

After realizing that his big bro had already woken up and seeing him about to leave the room he then closed the door and walked back to where the kitchen was and where his mother was setting up the table where a delicate aroma was drifting from.

Josh then walked out, following his brother out into the kitchen. At the table was his family, his mother a gentle always smiling woman with dark hair greeted him

"good morning, how was your sleep?"

Josh who was still distur

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