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As Josh walked outside his house he was immediately greeted by a older gentleman

"hi Josh, haven't seen you for a while!"

"hi Mr Gary its been a while." Josh answer with a smile.

After all Mr Gary has been his neighbor his entire life and he was a very close friend of his family .

After talking for a bit Josh went on his way. Stopping to greet his neighbors and fellow towns people. He made his way to the main street, full of shops and people this street was the towns busiest place.

Here Josh decided to look at other peoples status using the "appraisal" skill he bought from the store.

As Josh thought, the average human was at the level of 5 and somebody who was an expert was around 6-8, master was 9 and you could tell what was at the level of 10.

Now Josh could safely determine what stat to invest in.

He displayed his status screen one again.

intelligence 6 (Higher then the average high school student, it must be from all of the books you read.)

strength 5 (completely average)

charisma 2(a dog has more charisma then you!)

agility 3 (a middle schooler can outrun you)

wisdom 7 (you should be a sage!)

luck 3 (you have crap luck)

writing ability: intermediate

Josh decided to invest in charisma so he could have more self-esteem, agility so he could write faster and luck so that nothing stupid might happen to him.

A few moments later his stats were now

intelligence 6 (Higher then the average high school student, it must be from all of the books you read.)

strength 5 (completely average)

charisma 5(a normal high schooler)

agility 5 (normal again)

wisdom 7 (you should be a sage!)

luck 5 (average luck)

writing ability: intermediate

Josh now had no weakness and was on par with a normal high schooler physically. And with his superior intellect (enter in glasses flash) he was much smarter then you average high schooler.

Josh after getting his sister's favorite pastry at a cafe started to trudge home, when suddenly he ran into somebody. Backing up a few steps he looked at the person he just bumped into.

It was a beautiful girl with brown hair and almond brown eyes as she got up. Josh started to apologize profusely saying

" Im so sorry, I was not paying attention to my surroundings!"

"Its fine" she responded she then said "don't worry I did not get hurt or anything."

"here please take this as an apology" Josh shoved the cake he bought for his sister in the brown haired girls hands and left.

The girl looked like she wanted to say something but by then Josh had already left.

A million thoughts were rampaging in Josh's head as he left,


"wait, I forgot to get her name....."

a few moments passed where nothing happened as Josh's brain tried to recover from the pain he felt.

As he trudged back home in a helpless demeanor he opened the door to see a exited sister waiting for here pastry.

Why did she know he got her a pastry, it was because he had sent her a text about it.

The normally shy sweet girl had turned into a happy and cheerful girl after hearing that as she eagerly waited for her treat.

When Josh opened the door a large"WELCOME HOME" come from his sister

She looked around for the ever so familiar bag holding the pastry and not being able to find it, and seeing her brothers guilty expression, the happy and cheerful sister changed as she shouted with all her might "YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!"

(R.I.P Josh Starke)

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