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dtgtnp > Rise of the God of writing > 6 Chp 6 the story
As Josh finished the latest chapter a grading screen appeared.

quality rank B

length rank B

action rank C

Description rank B

Story making rank B

rewarding 10 EXP and 10 gold

next Josh decided to display his status a bluish screen was displayed under the grading screen.

intelligence 6 (Higher then the average high school student, it must be from all of the books you read.)

strength 5 (completely average)

charisma 2(a dog has more charisma then you!)

agility 3 (a middle schooler can outrun you)

wisdom 7 (you should be a sage!)

luck 3 (you have crap luck)

writing ability: intermediate

His stats did not increase but his writing ability, which he bought from the shop and his level had increased.

He was now at level seven and he still had 7 stat points left that he did not spend yet.

Josh was sure that if anyone saw him do this they would scream and yell at him fro not spending them immediately, but in truth he wanted to go out side and examine other normal peoples stats, (which for some reason he had not done yet)

His family was going on a trip to Hawaii, (sadly he was excluded)

so he needed to go out to see if he could first see another person's stats and second to see what was average.

Josh was almost 80 percent sure that 5 was the average stat and 10 was the limit but he was not sure.

He changed into normal clothes and walked out into his small little town called stargazing town.

Josh was born and raised here, and he loved this town.

It was given the stargazing for, obviously the great stargazing places here in this town, sure you could view stars almost anywhere in the world but this town was different.

There were a few places like this but, one place in particular, only known to a few residents of the town was a hill, it was a normal hill with grass and stones on it, But it had one tree on it.

Legend has it that when you sit underneath the tree at night and see an image in the stars a great thing will happen to you.

Josh, a few years back sat underneath that same tree, and on that same hill and gazed into the night sky.

Josh loved looking into the night sky, just looking a millions and billions of tiny lights in a black background was just somehow satisfying to him.

Anyways, Josh was just there looking at the stars when he saw it.

It was not a constellation or a shooting star, instead he saw a story in the stars.

An outline of a small town like his, another outline of people and them in a festive mood.....

This story continued on for hours and Josh just sat there, completely enthralled in the story.

It was a story without words, yet it expressed everything much better than words.

Unknowingly Josh started to cry because of how beautiful it was. And then it ended.

Josh in the midst of his tears stood up and vowed to himself that one day he would be able to tell that whole story to everyone in the world no matter

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