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************(different point of view)

John Smith was just a regular person he like basketball and in his spare time he would read manga and web novels. Every thing was normal about Josh was normal, heck even his name was normal. One day when he was browsing a certain website he found a book it was called Man-Man he thought the title was weird so he clicked on it.

He started to read it and soon he was laughing over the silly adventures of timothy titus tyler he soon finished the entire story.

Asking himself about the person who wrote this he looked at the author it was it was "a regular author"

"wow what a lame name" he thought to himself

"well it doesn't matter what his name is"

John really liked the authors style of writing and he said in his mind

"a regular author you have just earned your self a fan."

This scenario happened a few more times with different people and some people liked world master.

But some how Josh managed to get his 5 fans and maybe even more.

***************************(change to Josh's view)

Josh was woken up by the ever so familiar notification sound

*ding* host has completed mission awarding 40 EXP

Host has leveled up awarding 100 gold

"wow already!" Josh thought to himself

"well I guess I should check out my next mission."

right on cue

*ding* host has received new mission.

"Get your book up the ranks of the website"

top 5000 10EXP

top 4000 15 EXP

top 3000 20 EXP and 5 gold

top 2000 40 EXP and 40 gold

top 1000 100 EXP and 100 gold

top 500 500 EXP and 500 gold

top 100 1000 EXP and 1000 gold

top 5 5000 EXP and 5000 gold

number 1 10000 EXP and 10000 gold.

"wth this just got broken!!!!!!!!!!!"

"If I get first place I can literally buy all of the skill books and items with allot left over!"

Well im not complaining, but I only have one book at which means I have to try really hard to get this one individual book up at the summit.

" well I guess I should get started on Chp 2, ugh"

Josh moved groggily to his sacbook and started to type out.

He thought to himself

"man I need to go out more I haven't met anyone outside of school for a longtime."

With those thoughts in mind Josh started to type and at the end of a few hours he finished.

A grading sheet came out.

quality rank D

length rank C

action rank F

Description rank C

Story making rank D

Almost the same as last time except for the story making part.


Days passed as Josh started to climb up the ranks slowly

he was finally at the rank of 6983 he was getting close to the top 5000!

He finished the 59 chapter and the grading scale was

quality rank C

length rank B

action rank C

Description rank B

Story making rank C

compared to before his ranking had shot up and he was getting close to being able to get the next writing ability.

"Soon I will reach the summit!"josh promised him self

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