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dtgtnp > Advent of the Kobold Era > 11 A few changes around here
"Wait...evolve!?" I stared at the screen in shock as it hovered in front of me. "Does that mean what I think it means?"



When a monster reaches the level limit, it becomes possible to transcend into a

stronger different form or species.

Would you like to evolve? Yes ---> No


"YES!!" I couldn't possibly shout the words fast enough! The screen in front of me changed, showing three different names.


Kobold Archer: A more advanced Kobold that specializes in long-range attacks and speed. Picking off their enemies at a distance.

Special Skills: Far-Sight Vision Lv. 1

Lizardman: An offshoot of the Kobold race possessing a larger figure and more humanoid form. Lizardmen are known for their tough scales and savagery.

Kobold Craftsman: A Kobold that possess an uncanny ability to build things and take them apart. They possess the ability to rarely increase the quality tier of their work.

Special Skills: Random Quality Increase Lv.1



Right off the bat, I was immediately drawn to the Kobold Craftsman. Although the chance to produce an increased quality work isn't likely, it WILL eventually happen if you keep trying. Imagine it! A full set of "Rare" quality gear! I'm practically drooling thinking about it.

On the other hand, the Kobold Archer does sort of fit my niche a little more. I'm likely to become faster and more precise with a bow. And Far-Sight would make it easier to detect enemies.

Lastly, there's Lizardman. This evolution route doesn't even have any special skills. It seems kind of lackluster compared to the other two. So I should probably pick the other two choi-

"Wait...why DOESN'T the Lizardman have any special skills?" Now that I think about it, it's odd for the evolution choices to be so skewed towards or against an option. If the other two choices get new skills, what does Lizardman have?

If I think about it, the answer is clear. Power. No matter how special a kobold might be, it's still a kobold. If I choose the other two options I'll hit a wall soon enough. Kobold Craftsman has an amazing skill, but it's a non-combat evolution. Kobold Archer sounds pretty capable, but if you think about it, this evolution is really only a shortcut. It'll automatically make me faster, and more skilled with a bow, but I'd eventually reach that skill level anyway if I kept leveling up Archery. The special skills for the kobold forms must be there to make up for a lacking evolution.

"Ho boy..." As much as it hurts my heart to give up "Random Quality Increase" the choice I need to make is painfully obvious. Tapping on the status screen, I selected Lizardman.


Immediately my body trembled and convulsed soon after my choice. I could hear popping sounds coming from within. Swelling an

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