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[Becoming a Thalius student at such a young age... that alone would be incredibly impressive...] - Kirin was a bit shocked.

"That guy over there is Death, or so he says. He's kinda weird so dont worry if you feel awkward when you talk to him. That girl is Kwarjjal, shes.... also kinda weird... Actually, Sana, it feels good having someone else who is normal with us. If you need anything you should talk to me. My name is Kirin!" - Kirin said

"O-okay... Death and Kwarjjal... they sound really weird..." - Sana said with a puzzled face.

"Yeah, we need to do something about that, or else everyone will think we're weirdos right? hahaha" - said Kirin in a friendly tone. She felt good finally having someone normal join the group.

"Hehe yeah! How about naming the boy Deth, and the girl Kaja?" - proposed Sana in a cheerful way.

"Well, its their names, we cant just change them you know..." - explained Kirin. - "But we should ask them!"


"Aren't they the same? 'Deth' or 'Death'..." - said Death, confused, when Kirin told him about changing his name.

"Well, yeah, they are pronounced almost identically, but one is seriously weirder than the other." - Kirin explained.

"How dare you propose such a thing?!? I would never change my name!" - Kwarjjal was a bit angry about the idea.

"It wouldnt be changing your name... Think of it as your human alias, for when you are in your human form." - Kirin explained to her.

"Human form?" - asked Sana, who overheard the conversation.

"You see, Kwarjjal is actually a d-" - Death was interrupted mid-sentence by Kirin.

"Long story, maybe i'll tell you about it later" - Kirin said, quickly.

[God, these guys have no common sense...] - she thought to herself.

"Fine. But only as an alias. My name will still be Kwarjjal, okay?" - she said with a proud expression

"Yes, yes, sure thing" - Kirin said with an exhausted voice.

"So, from now on i will be Deth, and Kwarjjal will be Kaja, is that right?" - Death asked.

"Yes, i dont know who you are or where you came from, but no matter how you look at it 'Death' is too weird of a name... Same goes for 'Kwarjjal'." - Kirin explained.

"Hey guys, the sun is already up..." - Sana warned them. - "I dont think we will be able to get to your carriage in time..." - she said, dissapointed.

"Dont worry." - said Deth, who lifted his finger. - "After you." - a portal had opened next to him.

"W-w-what is that!?!?" - Sana was pretty shocked. It was her first time seeing the legendary Dimensional Magic. Naturally she couldnt understand how Deth opened a portal by waving his finger. It would normally take a skilled Magician days of preparation...

"Dont worry, just walk through it." - Kirin comforted her. - "I've been through one before, they are harmless."

The other side of the portal lead to the area where the 9 lion beasts were killed, so they only had to walk a few minutes to get to the carriage.

Lucky for them, they were all still there, preparing for departure.

Being back in the caravan felt so unrealistic for Kirin. After all, in the span of a few hours she had made friends with a Dragon, witnessed an entire mountain being wiped out, and rescued a hundred prisoners from a bandit clan.

She felt a bit relieved.

[Now that i think about it, im seriously tired...] - Kirin thought

Having arrived at the caravan, she felt relieved, and safe. She fainted.

Deth carried her over to the caravan, and lay her on the floor of the carriage.

Kaja and Sana sat next to her. They managed to sneak into the carriage, everyone was occupied dismantling the camp after all.

[This place, the human world... i like it. I've met some people who seem to like me... It is truly as you said my friend. This world is pretty amazing...] - Deth thought to himself.

[Today i saved people from their confinement... and i thought to myself, what would have happened if i was rescued from that roo

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