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dtgtnp > The adventure of Death > 3 You can call me Death
"What kind of a name is that? hahaha" - said the youngest girl, laughing.

"Hey man, if you dont want to tell us who you are there is no problem." - said the guy

"My name is Maria, that girl over there laughing is Yuni, and this guy is Marcel. We are pleased to meet you." - the oldest looking girl said

[Must be pretty nice to have a name of your own...] - he thought

Marcel was pretty ordinary looking, more on the fit side. He was muscular but had a regular build. He seemed to be around 40 years old

Maria was really pretty, with blonde long hair, and a slim, tall body. She seemed to be around her mid 20s

Yuni was the youngest of them all. She was short, had short, fiery red hair and a petite body. Her skin was pale white and looked delicate. She looked around 17-20 years old.

"Im looking for civilization." - said Death.

"Not a man of many words are you huh... If youre looking for a city you can come with us. We were just heading back to complete a guild request." - Marcel said with a smile.

"Hey hey, are we really going to ignore that this guy FLICKED A MONSTER WOLF AND SENT IT FLYING TO A MOUNTAIN?!?!?!" - said Yuni who was still shocked.

"He doesnt look like he wants to answer. We shouldnt pry on it too much Yuni. We have to respect him, Death saved us after all." - said Maria in a gentle manner

"Can you like not call him Death in such a serious way? It really makes me want to laugh." - said Yuni holding back her laughter

"Now now girls, enough chatting for now. He said he needs to go to the city, we should take him there, its the least we could do." - said Marcel, interrupting the ladies.

"Thanks" - was all Death said.


1 hour later they got out of Shiwa Forest without any trouble, every time a monster approached, Death simply glared at them and his presence alone was enough to scare them away.

"See those gates over there? Thats Maniko Village. Thats where we are headed." - said Marcel with a happy expression.

Once they arrived they asked for identification, but since the guards knew Marcel and the girls, they let Death in without making a fuss.

They started walking towards the Guild.

"So Death, are you an adventurer? Or perhaps a magic student? You seem to be around 20 years old, so you could be any of the two" - asked Maria, her curiosity clearly showing.

"I dont know, i woke up in the middle of the forest without any memories." - lied Death

"Whaaaaaaaaaat? You dont remember a single thing? So you really did come up with that pathetic name, i knew it!" - said Yuni with a proud expression.

"Please ignore her, she doesnt understand just how serious this is" - said Marcel with a worried expression.

"Dont worry, i get the feeling they will come back soon. Im more interested in knowing what this "adventurer" or "magic student" thing is about" - Death asked with curiosity

"Well, we three are adventurers, but that is because our magic levels did not qualify for entering the Magic Academy of Thalius, the biggest academy in the world!." - explained Yuni.

"Basically, anyone can become an adventurer. But if you decide to study at Thalius, by the time you graduate you can instantly become a rank A or above adventurer, which would take decades of effort for a regular adventurer. Even if they dont want to become adventurers, they can easily get high ranking positions within the nation." - explained more thoroughly Marcel.

"The nation?" - asked Death

"We are currently within Thalos, currently the greatest of the 7 nations. The Magic Academy of Thalius is a big part of this nations power. Students come from everywhere, all 7 nations. So Thalos is kind of a safe ground. Attacking Thalos would essentially mean attacking all 5 other nations." - explained Maria.

[It seems like going to this Thalius Academy will help me learn about things from all over the world... and Maria said my apparent age looks just right to be a student f

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