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dtgtnp > The adventure of Death > 2 Going down.
Millions of years had passed. The child had become incredibly proficient managing his power.

He had thought about visiting this "Human World" the girl kept telling him about.

"Well, i guess its about time to go down there."

And so, he left his room. For the first time in his long, long life.

He created a dimensional portal, thinking about the place the girl had told him about.

Of course, it opened. He went through it. It was his first time going through a dimensional portal, it rendered him unconscious.

As soon as he came out of the portal, and into the human world, a huge surge of power that was felt by essentially everyone on earth took place. Many sages, warriors, kings, and wizards took this as a bad omen; others took it as a signal.

When he came to, the child was next to a lake. There was a waterfall next to it. Huge green a lively trees covered the entire area.

"Beatiful" - he thought. He was at a loss for words. It was his first time leaving the room, and he woke up in such a pretty place.

His astonishment did not last for long. He heard the sounds of a fight close by.

He was at Shiwa Forest. A forest known for its low level beasts, perfect for new adventurers.

He got closer to the source of the sounds, and found a party of 3 people fighting some huge looking wolves.

There were two girls and a guy.

They all seemed well trained, but it looked like they were in a pinch.

"Damn, that power surge altered the beasts behaviour, they are acting more agressively!" - said the guy

"Even worse, what the hell is wrong with this number of monsters!?!?!" - said the oldest looking of the girls.

The child got closer, emitting no aura, in order to not scare the humans.

As soon as the wolves saw him, they decided to attack him because since he was emitting no aura, they deemed him as the weakest.

"Crap! Hey you, run away now! These beasts are not normal, you cant handle them!" - said the guy.

But he did not listen to him.

He simply looked at the wolf and flicked his finger when it pounced on him.

The huge wolf was immediatly sent flying, breaking the sound barrier, towards a mountain. A huge explosion took place and a crater could be seen where the wolf had landed in the mountain.

In front of this display of power, the wolves ran away in complete fear.

[Did i overdo it?] - he thought

All 3 adventurers were dumbfounded.

"W-w-who are y-you?" - asked the girl that had not spoken yet

He did not know what to answer, so he simply said:

"I guess you can call me Death."

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