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"Guys... we need to do something about our identification issue..." - Kirin warned them.

"You guys dont have your IDs?" - Sana asked them.

"Its... complicated. Deth does have his ID, but Kaja lost it. They wont let her through without one... or in the best case scenario she will be taken into custody until her identity can be proven. That'd bothersome..." - Kirin answered.

"Ohhhhhh, i see." - Sana was a bit confused. She didn't quite understand it all. - "I dont have my ID either, but they will let me through! I can ask them to let you through as well! You are my friends after all." - Sana said, excited.

"What do you mean? What makes you think they will let you through that easily?" - Kirin was curious.

"Well, duh. Because of my daddy!" - Sana replied very happily.

[What?] - was all Kirin could think. [Guess ill trust her this once... if they capture Kaja she can simply run away... i dont think there's many people in the entire world who can go against her.] - she reassured herself.


A few minutes later.

"Identification, please." - A guard spoke to Deth.

"Here." - Deth handed his guild ID.

"Death... no surname? Weird... But it is legit. You may pass. Next!" - he said.

"Here you go." - Kirin handed her ID.

"Kirin Ashter... You may pass. Next!" - the guard said.

"My name's Kaja. I dont have an ID." - Kaja told the guard.

"I can't let you through." - he simply answered. - "Next!"

"I'm Kirin Ashter's sister. My ID was stolen." - Kaja told the guard.

"You certainly look like her... Kirin Ashter, is this true?" - the guard turned and asked Kirin.

"Yes. Her ID was stolen by some thugs just before we got into the carriage." - Kirin lied. But she sounded sincere, and serious. Being good at lying was a given, because she came from a family of assassins.

"Still, i can't just let you through..." - the guy was thinking... - "You will have to wait here. A guard will come and take you to the city hall. You will have to remain there until your identity is proven." - he finally gave his answer.

"Hey you, you must let her through! She is telling the truth!" - Sana said from the back. She was next in line.

"And who might you be? I'm afraid the word of a mere citizen won't help this lady." - he replied to Sana.

"W-wait, Urek. That girl... i know her! She's Sana Valenti!" - another guard who was next to Urek, the guard checking IDs, said.

[What?! Sana Valenti?!? She's one of the princesses from the great Valente Empire...] - Urek was thinking. - [If word comes out that i ignored her word things could go bad... i can't lose my job just because of not letting a girl pass. Plus, she really does look like Kirin Ashter.] - he kept thinking for a minute.

"Okay, you may pass Kaja Ashter. But as soon as you go through, go to the city hall and get yourself an ID." - Urek made his final decision.

Marcus and Julia both went through without a hitch. Jeaime as well.


Once inside, Marcus and Julia joined the group.

"Well, looks like you guys need to go to the city hall! We'll go with you." - Marcus told them.

"Thanks, we appreciate it." - Kirin showed her gratitude towards them.

Word of Sana Valenti entering Terusia spread fast. She was supposed to arrive one month earlier, with a huge escort next to her. However, she had now appeared without a single guard. She was being accompanied by a bunch of kids. Naturally, no assassin, or person in bad terms with the Valente Empire, would let this opportunity slide.

The Valente Empire was, alongside Thalos, one of the 7 nations in this world. In terms of power, it was the third most powerful nation. The king was known for being cold, and very interested in money. That's probably why he didnt care when one of his daughters was kidnapped by bandits. Or probably he didn't even notice. And also why he had many, many enemies.

Sana was the youngest of 3 princesses. And was the only one to sho

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