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Death grabbed the bandit`s sword with his bare hands, and pulled it out. The bandit quicly retreated in confusion.

One would assume that he was in incredible pain, but compared to all the suffering he had gone through his billions of years of life, this was literally nothing.

"H-how is this possible?!? You should be dead! Im sure i pierced your heart!" - the bandit exclaimed, in both fear and confusion.

"I warned you..." - said Death, who started lifting his arm.

Meanwhile, the bandit leader attempted to grab Kirin, who managed to make a wound on him. But the difference in power and battle experience was too high. In the end, the bandit leader managed to capture her.

"Stop right there! Move an inch and this girl dies!" - the leader of the bandits had grabbed Kirin, and had a knife to her throat.

Looking at Kirin being so helpess made Death recall memories of that day, when God and the Demon King executed his first friend.

".... you disgust me." - Death gave the man a small, but really mean look, and after saying that, the bandit leader started bleeding from his eyes. His body started to make disgusting sounds, as each one of his bones were being broken by the sheer pressure of Death`s stare. A few seconds later, the bandit leader`s body was reduced to an unidentifiable mass on the floor. Kirin looked at Death with a look of mixed fear, admiration, and gratefulness.

Death turned, and looked at the 5 remaining bandits.

"W-wait! This is our territory, see that huge mountain? That is our base. We are a group of over 50000 skilled warriors. If you kill us, they will surely come looking for you! Let us go and we will forgive you!" - said one of the bandits, desperately.

The mountain was huge. It was at least 100 miles away, and it could still be seen clearly.

"I dont need your forgiveness." - Death replied. All the bandits flinched at such an emotionally detached answer. - "Answer me, are there any civilians up there?" - asked Death.

"Of course not. We, the Kura Mountain bandits would never take mere prisoners or sex slaves to our base of operations. All our prisoners are located in a separate area." - replied one of the bandits, trying to win Deaths favor.

"I see." - Death looked at the mountain. He lifted his arm and pointed at it.

"Begone." - he uttered. As soon as those words escaped his mouth, the entire sky lit up. An incredible amount of magic as dark as the void itself came out of the sky. It struck directly to the mountain, causing a massive explosion that could be seen hundreds of miles away. Half the mountain was gone in an instant. An earthquake could be felt. Huge spikes as tall as the mountain used to be rose from the ground in an instant. This all happened really far away, but the bandits could clearly feel and see just how ridiculously, and unimaginably powerful those 2 attacks were.

The mountain was completely obliterated. It was gone. One second it was there, the other it w

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