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dtgtnp > The adventure of Death > 1 Past mistakes.
In this universe, there are 2 supreme entities who wield near unlimited power: the King of Demons, ruler of the underworld; and God, the queen of the heavens.

Their rivalry is as old as the universe itself, but, against all odds, on this very day, God conceived a child. The father was none other than the King of Demons.

It could be said that they had some kind of affair, however, it was something that was never supposed to happen.

They had to mantain that rivalry in order to keep the balance of the universe, and they still hated each other to the very root of their existences.

The child was born male. As soon as he was born they tried to kill him, but of course, he possesed a completely immortal body.

In order to mantain secrecy, God decided to brand this child as something that should not exist, and locked him in a place that did not exist neither in the Heavens, nor in the Underwold.

The child became some sort of "stress relief" for angels and demons alike. There was not a single day where he wasnt beaten by several people.

Demons and angels were wicked.

Thousands of years had passed. The child learned his first word: "Trash". Of course, nobody talked to him, and the very few times they did it was only to insult him.

Millions of years passed. By now, the child had learned to speak, but he had no one to talk to.

Billions of years later, a girl appeared. She had taken pity on the child. When she visited him, it was not to hurt him, but to comfort him. This girl was the first to ever show some kind of affection to the child. He was confused, and naturally, feelings started flourishing inside him.

She spent the next hundred or so years visiting him, bringing him food from the "human world" as she called it.

He started learning things from her. He anticipated her arrival every single day.

This girl, she had a name. But it was lost in the billions, trillions or even more years that have passed ever since.

She called herself a "friend". His first ever friend.

One day, they were talking, when God and the Demon King entered the room.

They had an angry expression. They had found out about the girl being nice and teaching things to the child.

The poor girl was completely powerless, and was executed in the spot.

"This is what happens when you get close to people. You will only bring them death." - God said staring at him.

But the child did not understand. The girl was dead, but to him death was something normal, he spent every single day for millions of years dying over and over again.

But he soon realized that was not the case for the girl.

"She is not like you, she will never get up. She is dead. Forever. You will never see her again" - said the demon king with a smug expression.

He was lost. He stared at them with a blank expression.

It seemed like having him locked up for so much time made them forget that he was their child. He wielded power from both the Dem

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