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"Hey Kirin, you had a sister? Why didnt you tell me! You can both become my women if you desire, i promise you a life of wealth!" - When he woke up, Jeaime looked at Kaja and exclaimed. His wounds were already partially healed, he was not called a 'prodigy' for nothing.

"Are all men this disgusting?" - Kaja asked, looking at Kirin, completely ignoring Jeaime.

"Not all men, look at Deth, he is weird, but you can tell that deep inside he is a nice person." - Kirin replied

"Yes, i know. But i was referring to human men." - Kaja answered.

"What do you mean? Deth is human." - Kirin was a bit surprised by Kaja's answer.

"I only noticed when he destroyed the mountain, but his presence... It's not that of a human. He is definitely not human..." - Kaja said.

[Not a human...? What does she mean by that? It does make a bit of sense, the power he displayed was clearly not that of a human...] - Kirin was lost deep in thought.

"Hey girls... are you really going to ignore me? Do you know who i am?" - Jeaime was clearly pissed.

"Yeah, they know... you are Jeaime, son of a juggler, or something like that..." - Deth said, across the room.

"Its not juggler. Its Jaggle, you idio-..." - when Jeaime saw who had spoken, he immediately shut up. He was still scared of Deth after all.

"...i-im sorry" - Jeaime mumbled in a really low voice.

"Thank god you are here. That guy wouldnt shut his mouth about telling his brother, who is a student at Thalius, about you. He said his brother would beat your ass." - Marcus, who seemed around 18 years old, sat next to Deth. He was really tall, and his skin was brownish, he had short and dark hair. He spoke in a really friendly tone. - "It seems we are both going to become students at Thalius, glad to meet you! My name's Marcus. If you ever need anything, just tell me. I can probably get you anything." - he said with a smile.

"Name's Deth" - Deth simply answered.

"Haha, odd name! Not a man of many words i see. Glad to make your acquaintance, Deth!" - Marcus answered cheerfully.

Julia, who was looking from the other side of the room, stood up and walked up to them. She was around Kirin's age. Her hair was a deep purple, and she looked very serious.

"My name is Julia, nice to meet you." - she said. - "I hope we become good friends and study hard together in Thalius, Deth. I overheard your name just now." - she sounded kinda serious, but you could notice that she was making an effort at sounding friendly.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too, Julia" - Marcus said, interrupting Julia. - "I feel like i was completely ignored..." - he added, jokingly.

"You too, uh... what was your name again?" - she replied, dead serious.

"M-marcus..." - he said, with an awkward smile


The rest of the trip was a breeze.

No monsters attacked the carriage, because they could feel Kaja's presence, even if she was concealing it from humans. No monster would even dare get close to a dragon.

A few hours later, huge walls could be seen. A huge castle could be seen from afar. A huge tower was erected not too far from the castle. It was really a beautiful sight.

"That is the King's castle. The biggest castle in the world." - Kirin said to Deth and Kaja.

"That big big tower you can see next to it is called the tower of trials! It is inside the Academy's campus!" - Sana said, really excited.

"That city, it's huge... Way bigger than it used to be a few thousand years ago..." - Kaja was visibly shocked.

"It looks... pretty." - Deth was also a bit marveled at the sight.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to arrive to Terusia. Please have your identification at hand." - One of the escorts said.

[Crap, we totally forgot about that...] - thought Kirin.

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