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Death spent the night at the guilds inn. Courtesy of Marcel and the others.

He had to wake up early in order to head to the carriage.

"All those headed for Terusia, please come this way" - shouted a grown man.

Around 20 people entered the carriage. It was big. It could easily fit 30 people.

Death could feel the presence of Marcel and the girls approaching, so he turned.

"What are you guys doing here?" - he asked.

"Cant we say goodbye to our friend?" - asked Marcel, smiling.

[Friend....] - Death stood there for a minute.

"Hey hey, are you seeeeeriously going to miss me THAT much?" - said Yuni, jokingly

"Shut up" - answered Death

"Hahaha, ignore her, i think she is the one that is going to miss you" - Maria said smiling

"W-w-what?! dont say stupid things you idiot!" - replied Yuni, almost immediatly

"You know, if you fail the exam or need somewhere to go to, we will be here if you need us" - said marcel smiling, with a friendly tone.

"Thank you. Farewell." - Death said, and with that he turned around and got in the carriage.

"Does he have any feelings...?" - asked Marcel


[I could easily teleport there, but i think this will be more interesting...]

"Hey, move." - an annoying guy said to Death.

Death did not even look at him.

"Do you want to die, idiot? My father is Jaggle. Surely you know who he is. Im the child prodigy everyone talks about, Jeaime" - said the guy with a proud expression.

"Your fathers name sounds stupid." - replied Death, having learned how to annoy people from Yuni.

Everyone in the carriage laughed, but Jeaime turned and everybody shut their mouths.

"Thats it, you looked for this." - Jeaime lifted his fist, and moved it towards Deaths face.

Death lifted a finger.


"Take t..hat....." - Jeaime had to take a second to understand what had just happened.

His right arm was completely broken. Bones exposed, blood gushing out. He started crying for help, in pain.

"I am not in the mood to deal with morons, sorry." - Death looked at him with a tired expression, and closed his eyes.


14 hours later

It was night time, the escorts were preparing the tents for the night

[I can feel the presence of several monsters... They seem at least 3 times stronger than those wolves yesterday...]

Around Death there were 21 more people. Surrounding the carriage there was an escort of 4 warriors.

Of those 21 people, 4 were also going to Thalius, to try and become students.

One of those, was Jeaime, who was lying down in a corner, with 2 men attending his wounds.

The other 3 were Marcus, the son of a renowned merchant; Julia, a common girl who was born with great magic abilities; and Kirin, who Death knew nothing about. Naturally, after the scene with Jeaime, nobody dared talk to Death.

[I should probably tell the escort about the monsters... or i could go find them and take them on. I still need fighting experience if i want to properly control my power.]

Death snuck out of the carriage and walked into the woods. He felt Kirins presence following him, but decided to ignore her.

After walking for a few minutes, he found 9 lion-like creatures. They were four times the size of a regular lion, and had huge teeth that came out of their mouths.

Death simply walked in front of them, revealing himself.

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