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@@who's matt fighting against I wonder .

matt enters the stage when he wins we will have to fight each other I'll have few hours till my next match so I'll just cultivate I'm close to reaching rank 2 of steel body might be able to do it ...time later yes I finally broke trough . I'll look for matt before are match starts ...

crowds did you see what happened to that tall dude he's crippled for sure .Jay completely crippled him . Jay won against someone .I'll go ask at the office where is matt .

he's getting treated after his fight but he has severe injuries I'll go check on him ..wait does that mean he lost .yes he did .

who was his apponent

let me check Jay.

Jay that bastered .

matt are you okay .no not really but I'll be fine but your about to fight him you should quit I didn't even last 1 minute against him he went all out from start but why isn't he rank 2 steel your world's apart why would he .I don't know but you should just quit .no I won't I'll go beat the shit out of him .

no don't go .bye matt see you after the match

now that we are the same rank and I have master on my side he stands no chance ...


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