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"This is Sagar from Mythological Untold. Today, I have a beauty from Mahabharata for my talk show. Welcome Kunti."

Kunti: Thanks for having me here.

"Today, I invite you to talk about niyoga.

Kunti: I am very familiar with the topic. (she smiles mischievously)

"Ms. Kunti, we heard that all the Pandavas were born through niyoga. Is that true."

"Yes, there is nothing to hide. I gave birth to Yudhistrira, Bheema and Arjuna through niyoga. While Madri gave birth to the twin Nokula and Sohadeva." Kunti nods and replies.

"Please explain what 'niyoga' is for the readers"

Kunti says " I am happy to explain. Niyoga is the process of having a child from a man other than husband with the guidance and permission of the husband. The child takes the surname of the husband."

"So, it's like sperm donation"

Kunti: You can say that. It's mainly done for the procreation and not for pleasure.

"So, you did not get any pleasure out of the process."

Kunti: It will be a lie if I say I did not get pleasure. They were very vigorous. I lost count of orgasms.

"Was that true that gods sired your child."

Kunti: Yes, Dharmaraja was the father of Yudhistrira. Vayus was the father of Bheema. And Indra fathered Arjuna.

"How niyoga is different from cuckolding?"

Kunti: They are different a lot. Cuckolding is done for pleasure while niyoga is to beget children. Besides, most of the husbands are not willing to witness the process unlike that of cuckolding.

"Did Pandu watch you during your niyoga?"

Kunti: No, he did not. He wanted to but he could not handle the stimulation.

"Why did you do niyoga at the first place?"

Kunti: My husband, Pandu was cursed. He could not have intercourse with any women. (smile and continues) And I wanted children.

"Forgive me but I have to ask. Was it just to get pregnant or did you want to have sex?"

Kunti: (laughing) There is nothing to forgive. Do you want to hear the truth or the lie.

"The truth of course"

Kunti: The truth was I missed sex. I used to have sex regularly before marriage. But after I married Pandu, sex was negligible. And he got cursed. I really wanted the sex. So, I begged him to arrange niyoga.

"Did he agree readily or did he need some convincing?"

Kunti: He did not agree at first. His reasoning was that there were no proper candidate. But I convinced him that I had mantra to call the gods.

"We heard that Dhruvasa gave the mantra to you. What's the story?"

Kunti: When I was a young maiden, I used to served Dhruvasa. He was pleased with my services and taught me the mantra.

"How did you serve him exactly?"

Kunti: (laughing) Do really have to ask that?

"Is that something difficult to answer?"

Kunti: No. It's okay. I served his sexual needs. To be exact, all my sexual knowledge were taught by him.

"Was it okay to have sexual relationships before marriage?"

Kunti: It depends. For our kingdom, it was not som

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