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' many girls work on a club to have money for their families ,

' let's meet Sheena , she's beautiful sexy she also have a brown round eyes, long black hair ,

' she's only 21 years old a single mother ,

' yes she has a child when she was 17 ,

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' she has a live in partner when she was 16 year old but they don't work out until one day she woke up with only his child ,

' and she dicided to work on a club as a intertainer , she drunk she sing she also having sex with so many guy , just to have some money for his son ,

his son's name shayee , 4 years old , a very cute little boy , the only one that left to her is her son , her mother and father past away when she was 10 years old ,

' that's we're his missirable life begin ..

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