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I run as fast as my two legs can carry me. I refuse to go to jail and I refuse to even get caught. I run and run until I realize the HUGE mistake I just made...I went the wrong direction from my "home". I'm on the rich side of the city. I hat- wait no, DESPISE these rich people. Always bying useless sh!t and not caring about anybody else but themselves. Anyways I can't run back now the police are back there and it would be way to risky. I'll just keep going forward and hopefully don't run into anybody. After a while of running I grow tired and need a break, but were could I go? Nevermind that I'll just walk in and pretend like I know what I'm doing and that's exactly what I did and everything was going fine until I got lost in the fuck!ng building, so what do I, the smartest person in the world do? I keep on going in deeper in the building like a fuck!ng idiot!! I hate myself so much right now, but thanks to the jewels I robbed I don't look poor. I go into a room and see a rich a$$ man sitting on a couch and two girls next to him. I know I hate rich people,but damn this guy looks good! I lean in a bit closer to hear what they are saying and I can't believe what my fuck!ng ears are listening to.

"Come with us, we rented a nice room just for you"

"Nah I'm good"

"You sure?"

"hmmm. mabey $ex is fine.". " really!?"

"nope never mind $ex is not fine"


"we won't waste our time on you then"

Like what the fuck did I just listen to!? I start to slowly walk away when all of a sudden I hear something else.

"Are you done spying on me now?"He asks

" Me? Ah I'm sorry I didn't know you didn't like people finding out about your night job"

"Wait, I'm not a male prosti-

But before he could finish I was already gone. I can't believe the way some of the ways these people became rich.

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