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| They've promised that dreams can come true — but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too. — Oscar Wilde |

'To think you had the audacity to come into my home with another man! What am I to you? Something to just throw around? That's not right and you know it! Three years! Three God-damn years! How long have you been with him? How fucking long?'

'Reuben. It's not like that— '

'Not like what? Don't ignore my question! How long? How long have you been seeing him behind my back?'

The silence was inevitable. It seemed almost deafening for the raging twenty-eight year old as they towered over the woman he once called his one and only love. With his anger getting the best of him, he tried to intimidate her, but the young lady didn't seem to be affected by his posture and stood her ground calmly.

They'd been together for three years and four months and Reuben's love for the woman had him head over heels. He'd do anything for her— well, he would've. Reuben saw a future for them. One were they had long afternoon strolls through the park with children running around by their feet. A dream of his fiance striding down the long red carpet in a silky white dress. A dream that, now, would never happen because of her own actions.

Brushing her strawberry blonde hair from her eyes, she innocently hooked it behind her ears. 'I didn't want you to find out this way,' she whispered.

'Petra!' The males voice was cracking— strained. Like he could break down any second. 'Please! Answer my question!'

'Five months…'

'Five what?'

'Five months, Reuben.'

Reuben's jaw locked. Sighing, Petra knew she had done wrong but couldn't help her feelings for another man, she just wished she'd told Reuben sooner. It was like everything within Reuben; his emotions, soul, life— it'd all just vanished from his body. With his blue eyes fading a dull colour, they fell to his ex-lovers feet as he shaky exhale from his trembling lips.

'Why?' He murmured, his voice lost and raspy. He swallowed thickly, 'Was I not good enough for you anymore?'

The pain was audible in the males voice.

'No,' she shook her head. 'You were perfect to me.'

'Than why? Why leave me? If I was perfect to you then—' Reuben choked on his words. 'What does he have that I don't? Why is he more special than me?'

'Look, Reuben. You're so busy at work—'

'That's not an excuse, Petra! I work to pay for this house! Pay for our food— our trips on long weekend holidays! You know that! Now tell me, honestly. Why is he better than me?'

Petra shook her head. She knew Reuben wanted an answer, he seemed to be dying for one, but even she didn't have a good enough excuse for leaving him. Nibbling on her bottom lip, her phone chimed and Reuben's eyes narrowed.

'That's him. Isn't it? That's why you've been so glued to your phone lately! Who is it? Do I know him?'

'Enough with the shouting,' she said, checking her phone. 'It was just a friend. I'm staying around theirs tonight.'


'I'll collect my things tomorrow morning, I've already packed most of my bit's up,' she told the shaking male. 'I'm sorry Reuben. She outside now—'

'No! You're not going! You haven't told me why! Where will you be going afterwards? Wait— you'll be living with him, won't you? That why you've waited till now! I can't believe you!'

'It was an accident, Reuben,' she exclaimed.

'Accident? Accident! It's two in the morning and you knew I was due back at any moment— so why didn't you sort yourself out! Why didn't you try to hide it from me! I bet you did it deliberately so I found out, so you didn't have to tell me!'


'You're lucky I was too drunk to see who it was!'

'Exactly!' She threw her arms in the air. 'You were so drunk, I didn't know when you'd be home! You're always getting drunk recently! You're hardly ever home!'

Reuben snorted. 'I'm not home? Me!? You're the one always going out with 'friends',' he said

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